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  • Diana CraciunDiana Craciun Diana CraciunComments: 236 Community Manager

    Requirements: level 60+

    If you don’t have the Italian Square already, you will have the following reward chain with the main reward: Italian Square (1,500 coins, 1-3 energy, 1-3 glass baubles, size 8*8, can be placed anywhere)

    If you already have the Italian square, you will get an alternative chain of rewards:

    All these gifts are for completing tasks, there is no Golden gift rewards chain for this quest. 

    To receive the rewards, you need to collect Cat Masks: 15 for the first reward, 50 for the 2nd reward, 120 for the 3rd reward, 250 for the 4th reward and 400 for the 5th reward!

    Every 100 more Cat Masks collected after the main prize will get you extra prizes!

    How many Cat Masks can I get?

     2, 3 or 5 tokens for regular tasks!

    4, 6,10 tokens for bonus tasks! 

    Please keep in mind that bonus tasks:

    • can be obtained after completing 5 other tasks (regular or bonus)

    • have a timer for completion and cannot be deleted during the completion time. 

    • If you did not manage to complete the task in time, it disappears!

    What about cooldowns?

    If you finish a task, there is no cooldown time. If you trash a task, there is a 3-hour cooldown time.


    You need to collect at least 15 tokens to take part in the Rating competition.

    After the quest ends, players who take the first 25 places receive extra rewards!

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  • Thank you, can you tell me what are extra prizes?
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    Thanks a lot 
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  • Love you sweet little grand daughter.. 
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  • ForumSupportForumSupport Forum Dweller ForumSupportComments: 1332 Super Moderator
    Thank you, can you tell me what are extra prizes?
    The prizes are shown in the picture above in the description. 

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