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The proposal concerning the style of the game.

The basic principle of the strategy implies equal opportunities for all participants. If earlier innovations made it possible for all players to change in accordance with the updates, then a number of recent changes have affected the nature of the game and made (almost) impossible equal conditions for the game strategy !!!

It implies changes in the characteristics of units obtained as a result of long-completed missions (matilda, the snow queen, the dark tower, etc.) The player cannot return in time and get the opportunity to complete this mission - at the same time, these changes really cancel all the rules - if there are 2 or 3 units (matilda and / or the snow queen shaman and archmages) troops in defense are guaranteed to receive the first move, which is crucial in the present. Thus, the equality of starting positions and opportunities is violated.

Players lose interest and remain only in the hope of future changes.

Compensatory changes, for example - to place Matilda in the store or repeat this mission.

- introduce a new unit or change the characteristics of the existing unit so as to balance Matilda, but the main thing is to make it available - in the store or as a result of development.

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