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This is the forum where you can report any bugs or technical issues from Knights: Clash of Heroes. Make sure though that the bug/issue you're about to reveal hasn't been reported before: our developers may already be working on fixing it.

To help K:CoH team better research and resolve technical issues, all bug reports must be given in the following format:

1. Please give us your User ID (you can find it at the bottom of the game screen) and your browser version.
For example: User ID fb100001817508612, Google Chrome. If you use Internet Explorer, please change it for Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

2. Write a detailed description of the EXACT issue you are seeing; if possible, with the list of steps you have taken for the problem to occur.

2.1 Please make a screenshot of the problem and attach it to your message (if possible), so that we could better understand your situation.

3. Do you have any problems with your Internet connection? Please check it with your Internet service provider (ISP) first, as the problem can be solved by your ISP.

IMPORTANT: ONLY bug reports with sufficient information on the problems will be investigated! The submitted information will be used to identify and fix problems that come up in the game. Please remember that any posts that do NOT comply with the rules of this community, or are NOT actual bug reports will be removed.
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