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After seeing the economy change newsletter, I was googly eyed on the purple dragon pet of the magician in the ad. I was wondering if it would be possible to add a pet system into the game.

Pet Kennel (Building)
The pet version of the "Hero Pedestal".
Once you build a pet kennel building, you can train 1 pet to join you in battle.

Pet Type:
Rock Golem: The swordman type pet. -50% damage from arrows.
Quill Boars: The ballista type pet. +300% damage on building.
Unicorn (VIP): Can be bought using gems or golden dragoons. The cavalry type units that can heal allies.
Purple Dragon (VIP): The magician type pet. Long range, fire damage.

To differentiate this pet system from the hero system, I would suggest an optional mechanics.
1. Pets are not immortal. They need to be treated when they fall during battle.
2. They do not take up a slot in the team allocation. If you can only take 4 units in a specific mission, you can take 4 infantry units + 1 pet (pets have 0 slot in the squad formation). But just remember, you can only take one pet per fight.
Note: additional starting position slot needs to be implemented in the mission maps.
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