Improvement in the crafting interface

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What if we can see just how much item we have in our storage in the crafting interface.

For example if we are crafting a "Leather armour":

Current interface
Coins - 130
Wood - 3
Leather tunic - 1/1
Leather pauldrons - 1/1
Leather gauntlet - 1/1

My proposed interface
Coins - 50,302/130
Wood - 11,533/3
Leather tunic - 8/1
Leather pauldrons - 8/1
Leather gauntlet - 1/1

As you can see, in my proposed interface, each materials needed for crafting has 2 values. The first value shows how much you have in storage and the 2nd value shows how much you need to craft that item. If we are to increase the number of item to be crafted, only the 2nd value (items needed) will increase.

This would be easier to see just how many items you need to craft your desired amount of items. As you can see from my example, with just a glance, I will instantly know that I need 7 more leather gauntlet to create 8 leather armour since I already have 8 tunic and pauldrons.
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