Improvement of Multitasking Interface

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alex1988alex1988 Freshly on the boardalex1988Comments: 0
When u start to do something right now it locks the building that you are using for it.
If its resource production, you can't upgrade the building for the quests and you can't cancel production and make something else unless enough space in the storage for made resource.
If its unit upgrade you can't look at the resources needed for other upgrades and that again is a problem.
My proposition is to show current production as a sub screen of building main menu .You will be able to browse the menus of the facility and to cancel production if you need something more then the current one.That will help with time managment and creating pre-reguierments for next upgrades while doing previous one at the same time
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  • GunnerwolfGunnerwolf Forum Expert GunnerwolfComments: 92 ✭✭✭✭
    I usually sell wood/stone whenever they are about to go over the limit. That is a good way to collect more coins. As for irons, I never have problem of iron overflow since I use them a lot in crafting and it is too hard to upgrade my mines at the moment.
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