Knight Orders (10/24/2013)

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Milords and Miladies,

Today's release features Knight Orders: player unions with a separate rating, unique coats of arms and inner hierarchy. This is the first step to global wars for the lands of Greenmeere.

A new building is available in the Shop for players starting with level 15: the Order Tower. It's main function is granting the access to the Orders menu in the bottom left corner of the screen, by the Ratings icon.
Order Tower doesn't influence your castle population; it's also a powerful defense structure with 60 damage, 250 hp, and the firing radius of 5 squares; it also takes -50% of damage from arrows. It cannot be upgraded though.


In the Orders menu you can search for the existing knight Orders and join them – or create your own one. As of now, the max number of members in a single Order is 20; there is an Ordermaster (the Order creator), officers and soldiers.
Ordermaster can assign officers, pass the reins of government to another Order member, expel anyone from the Order, change its coat of arms and even dissolve the Order. Officers can dismiss soldiers, accept new members and change the message of the day.

Each Order has a separate rating, which is combined from 100% of the first top 10 members plus 50% of the other 10. An Order can also have a name (no obscene words are allowed) and a unique coat of arms. Order member can exchange messages directly in the game, up to 1000 outgoing messages per day.

Other updates feature the following:

- More realistic requirements for crafting items in Smithies (such as iron required for a sword, not wood, etc.);
- Resources and items required for building upgrades have been reshuffled to avoid deficiency in rare items and abundance in all other resources.

Also, there is a special Halloween update coming soon, please stay tuned!
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