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Economic activity is based upon a simple precept. Return on investment.
The cost of upgrades for basic resource buildings goes up waaaay too fast.
For example:
To upgrade my mine to level 4 requires:
13,000 gold (a bit high...but not really a problem)
720 wood (over a day's production...but ok)
300 stone (again high...but doable...i actually have to search to find ways to spend stone)
18 iron (thats 9 hours production...acceptable)
15 steel ingots?!?
(ok...this is where it starts to get a bit crazy...15 ingots requires that you first make 15 coal at 15 minutes each, then add those 15 coal with 30 iron to produce the steel 30 minutes thats over 15 hours...still under a day)
5 medium tool kits

ARE YOU CRAZY?!? Or is this game just for pay for play?
Each medium tool kit requires
3 tool kits
2 forged steel bars
Some gold and iron and wood and stone...meh they are no problem.
So, each forged bar requires ANOTHER 3 steel bars and 4 ore AND takes an hour to build...
Each toolkit requires 4 hours and gold and stone and wood...
IT'S the time!
To do this upgrade (which adds a total of 12 iron/day) requires that I tie up the production of my mine, my forge AND my smithy for days! (See the following table)
Step Ore req Time Req
Ore 18 9 hrs mine production
Steel bars 30 15 hrs mine production + 225 minutes forging coal + 7.5 hours forging bars
15 tool kits 60 30 hrs mine production + 15 hours smithing the toolkits
10 forged bars 80 40 hrs mine production + 10 hours forging tempered bars
5 medium kits 40 20 hrs mine production + 30 hours smithing medium kits

Ok, assuming you can always come up with the Gold, Wood, and Stone (which sort of negates them as "BASIC" resources doesn't it?) you need to use the entire production of you mine for more than FIVE days, the entire output of your forge for 2.5 days, and the entire output of your smithy for 2 days.
Those numbers are with no delays (basically you are waiting with all necessary requirements for the second you can start the next step), and the only time that can be reduced is for the mine, as you might loot the iron instead.

Conclusion? Medium kits shouldn't be required until you are upgrading to Ore Pit (level 5) when you will have (or at least CAN have) two iron mines, two foundries, and two smithies. Same argument (only more so!) applies to level 4 timber hut. Either that, or this is the most effective way to spend crystals.

Edited for the correct ratio of resources on tempered steel bars (3 steel bars + 4 ore).
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    Yeah, resources production is really limited which is intended to encourage us to buy crystal or else just be patient. The first 6 battle double loot is a very big help.
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    I come back to ROI, or Return on Investment.
    228 ore, days of use of smithy, foundry, AND mine...for 12 more ore per day? The breakeven is 19 days! And that completely ignores the other resource costs (gold, stone, wood). That is not an economy.
    If there were no other cost, the ROI would be 5%. Low, but maybe, just maybe worthy of a long-term investment. But as soon as you add back in the other costs, the ROI goes to 1%.
    Let me introduce another concept to the developers. Time Value of Money. That is how much you could make in a safe long term stable investment. It is the lost opportunity cost of the money. If the ROI doesn't exceed the TVM, you actually LOSE money if you do it! In other words, think of all the things you could have done with those resources instead.
    The looting has no impact on this calculation. You can do that regardless of weather or not you upgrade your mine. Then, why oh why did they make the first two levels of upgrade so cheap? Then the first level that requires toolkits doesn't require 2, nor 5, not even 10, but rather 16 at a minimum.
    I just feel they never tried to actually PLAY the game without crystal.
    And as a side note, I would say that every one of these games fails to understand. A game is supposed to be fair. They are all run as if they are cons. Get in, get the suckers money, get out fast, before they catch on. Nobody wants a long term success? How about offering a pay for play option where nobody can buy advantage? I would pay for that. Have paid for play many times. I just don't see how catering to the few idiots that will spend like crazy and drive everyone else off is a good play.
    The bureaucracy is expanding to meet the needs of the expanding bureaucracy.
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