What usually happens if somone attacks me?

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tomtomtomtom Freshly on the boardtomtomComments: 1
what happens if someone attacks me ?
do I loose all destroyed buildings , do I loose all my resources , all my manufactured items ?
how I recover ?
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  • tomtom,

    If someone attacks you with a victory, some of your buildings will be destroyed and will take some time to recover; you will also lose a part of gold and resources (but not items); finally, you will lose a certain amount of rating. If your attacker fails to win, you may even gain some rating.
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  • tomtomtomtom Freshly on the board tomtomComments: 1
    so do I have to build these buildings again , or they just take sometime to get repaired ?
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  • Torben NielsenTorben Nielsen Forum Expert Torben NielsenComments: 88 ✭✭✭✭
    The building will autorepair with no cost to you but the resources you didnt gain because of the down time of the buildings. As far as i know your troops will not have to be revived.
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