Shield, New Mission, Upgrades for Top Infantry (11/20/2013)

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Milords and Miladies,

In order to protect your castles from raids by rating hunters and as an argument in the bursting conflicts between rival Order members, we have introduced a new feature: a shield that will protect you from assaults, currently for 24 hours.


The shield is available for purchase in the Shop for all players starting with level 7. Important: it gets activated at the very moment when you buy it! Shielded castles are taken out of the random choice of opponents. An owner of a shielded castle can be shown in the list of attackers on your castle; you will be able to take your revenge on him/her, however, your revenge will NOT influence the amount of rating / gold / resources he/she has during the shield activation period.

You will also find a new campaign mission on the map, where our warriors under your command will face the traitor, Lancelas. Could it be his last battle?

Finally, we added a number of upgrades for top infantry (Sentinel, Marksman, Templar and Siege Ballista). Now their stats, such as health and damage in particular, can be taken to a whole new level!
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