What's dis? Problem with selecting troops

1 Comments·Started 21 November 2013 07:29 AM
shaklotanshaklotan Forum DwellershaklotanComments: 1 ✭✭
Cannot even formulate a proper title for this bug...
Many times when ivading someone, when I deploy the troops... selecting the berserker, on the field appears the Dwarf Bomber! Initially I thought it's my mistake but no: every time I tried to select the orcish berserk, on the field appeared...the Bomber.
Sometimes this bug vanishes after I repeatedly press on different buttons for choosing different troops. But it is annoying.
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  • shaklotan,

    What browser are you playing in? Please submit a ticket with our support team by clicking on the Contact Support link below the game screen, we'd be glad to look into it.
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