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I know I posted this in other threads but I will add my specific questions here. All together, to try to keep it simple.
Q1. Would they ever update it to where you can get the entire map?
Q2. What is the cap level that you can reach? Is it 20?
Q3. Does this game get frequent updates to keep you interested in the game?
I understand its FB hosted game, but would be nice to find a good FB game for once. I have played a few and most get updated but the updates eventually turn the game into poo.
Q4. WHats the best Tourny Team that you can put together? Right now I am using 2 Guardsman (Guys with spears, the 2nd guys on the list not squires) Storm Druid guy and a Troll. I win alot but against people with the same team, I lose horribly. Do not understand that especially if I get the first hit.

I will add more questions if they pop up to this thread.

Thanks for the help.
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  • Jason,

    Thank you for your questions!

    A1. The entire map of what: your castle, the Greenemeere island? If you're talking about your kingdom terrotory it's not likely to get expanded in the nearest month or two.
    A2. The max level available is 30.
    A3. Updates usually come up every 2 weeks.
    A4. Once you unlock new units (such as cavalry), purchase exclusive ones (such as Elven Archeresses) or upgrade the existing ones, the team can vary quite a lot.
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