Stone Walls, Defenses and Buildings

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danthony930danthony930 Freshly on the boarddanthony930Comments: 1
Why is it so difficult to unlock more Stone Walls and other defenses? I have been trying to get enough to surround my land for fortification.

I am also, stuck where I cannot build more dwellings to increase my population. Both of these situations leave me vulnerable.
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  • Adam Brewer-janssenAdam Brewer-janssen Forum Speaker Adam Brewer-janssenComments: 20 ✭✭✭
    It is a bit annoying, you can buy decorations that should act as some kind of deffence, however, I am finding that enemies are still getting through the decorations some how????????
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  • danthony930,

    Probably because simply encircling your castle with 2 rings of stone walls is not an option, you have to combine walls, stockade, towers and troops to protect your castle. It's a strategy after all.
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  • Adam,

    Decorations aren't defenses. If you take a look at them in the Shop, you'll notice that they a) have NO health points, b) can be purchased with no limits, whereas the limits for the Stockade and Stone Walls are 18 and 24 fragments accordingly.
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  • danthony930danthony930 Freshly on the board danthony930Comments: 1
    I have no intention of erecting double layers of stonewalls. I feel more secure protecting my castle and land until I have more land, then I will adjust protecter.
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  • gprasad2006gprasad2006 Forum Dweller gprasad2006Comments: 14 ✭✭
    Hi all,
    I am in the 13th level, and unable to erect more towers for my castle's protection. Only 3 towers could be bought. Regarding more towers purchase, it says higher population needed. My population at present is 35. How to increase my castle's population and erect more towers for protection. pls help. Also when and where can we buy the scarecrow?
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