Unfair allocation of ranking points

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Hi Knights,

Has anyone else found that when they defeat an opponent, even in a tough battle they receive only up to say 20 ranking points and often 7 to 10.

However, when an opponent attacks they take away 30+ points each time....

This is making it really hard for me to climb up the ladder.

I really dont understand how and why the points are structured the way they are.
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  • Adam,

    Here's what the manual on the Leagues says: "The ranking you receive depends on the economic development of your kingdom: the more research, upgrades etc. in your castle, the more famous it will be and the more ranking you will get."

    Each research or upgrade of a unit/building/Hero raises the plank of your castle's max ranking amount. Thus, if your current ranking amount is practically at the max, you won't receive much ranking for victories. In order to get more, perform some upgrades and/or researches in your castle. Also, the amount of ranking you lose and the amount of ranking your opponent receive are 2 different numbers.
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