Helping Allies Brings Profits, New Localizations (12/05/13)

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Milords and Miladies,

Now your help to allies will be decently rewarded! First of all, starting today you will be able to visit not only your friends' castles, but also the castles of your fellow Order members. You can help them by accelerating processes in their buildings, which will grant you MORALE points. Each morale point can be used for a bonus acceleration of a process in a single building in YOUR OWN castle: such as production, unit revival, research, anything! The first bonus acceleration will require earning 5 morale points, the next one – 10 morale points, the 3rd one – 15 morale points, etc.

ATTENTION: With the start of a new day in the game all unused accelerations will expire, and all unused morale points will be reset! Try our new help system with a visit to Sir Percivaal: yes, now you can really prove you love thy neighbors!


We've also enabled a special offer for FREE qrystals and gold for inviting friends to the game. NOTE: If you have already clicked on the 'Like' button before this update, simply cancel the 'Like' on the bottom of the game page and re-like it: you will be able to complete the special offer then.

Further, the 3-day Shield for is now available in the Shop. IMPORTANT: the cooldown period after applying it during which NO Shields can be used is 9 days. We've also fixed minor bugs, added new battle sounds, cut down the requirements for the initial upgrades at the Altar of Heroes and added a marker for the best offers on the Market.

Finaly, we're glad to announce that the first 2 localizations of Knights: Clash of Heroes are now available on Facebook!
Wilkommen zum Spiel! Добро пожаловать в игру!
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  • GunnerwolfGunnerwolf Forum Expert GunnerwolfComments: 92 ✭✭✭✭
    I have just found a better use for "Accelerations", I use my 8 accelerations to quickly revive 2 tier 2 units or a maximum (but longer cooldown) revival of up to 5 units.

    2 quick revival.
    1st and 2nd unit - 4 accelerants each = 2 quick revival.
    3rd unit - can then be put into the 2 hour regular revival time.

    5 long revival. utilizes the default 5 hour before the unit dies.
    1st unit - 2 accelerants + 1 hour cooldown
    2nd unit - 2 accelerants + 1 hour cooldown
    3rd unit - 2 accelerants + 1 hour cooldown
    4th unit - 1 accelerants + 1.5 hour cooldown
    5th unit - still have 30 minutes to spare before perishing so no need to accelerate anymore.
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  • Kent A. HalliburtonKent A. Halliburton Forum Speaker Kent A. HalliburtonComments: 23 ✭✭✭

    I really enjoy the new ally feature. It does a lot to help speed up some of the slower processes. I was wondering, though, is there ever going to be any upgrades for the Citadel? In most other games, the town hall or castle can take upgrades and provide new services as you go along. Perhaps it could be upgraded to increase its hit points and possibly even get some weapon of its own. Could we station some archers on the building? Could it have its own turrets?

    I would also be interested in seeing the pavilions get some upgrades. This would increase our population and make it so that everyone can increase together....just a thought.

    Also, it would be nice to increase the limit on the barracks and the archery range. Could we have at least two of each? It might also be nice to give them some upgrades.

    I was also wondering at which level the side missions to the Graveyard behind Freelong and the the woods on the east side of the island are unlocked. I am level 18 and have not yet been able to do them.

    Thank you,

    Kent Allen Halliburton
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  • Kent A. HalliburtonKent A. Halliburton Forum Speaker Kent A. HalliburtonComments: 23 ✭✭✭
    P.S. - I thought it might also be interesting if we were able to start buying new lands. There could even be some new missions created to make it interesting.

    Kent Allen Halliburton
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