Thunderbolt stun effect doesnt

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fb1569767384 blah blah blah :)
Using google chrome...
Researched Thunderbolt (the second lightning based air spell) because the stun effect sounded decisive. Yet, first time I used it, there was no stun effect that I saw. What would have been a decisive and overwhelmingly one-sided victory for my side, became a hard fought near thing.

I actually put my Shooters up front, so that they would have the range to finish off 3 guardians. When my guardians went first, I cast Thunderbolt on all three, figuring to finish them off with the shooters. Instead, as soon as my guardians' turn was over, they all ran out of range of my shooters, and attacked my guardians (which I'd sent after his shooters). I used so much magic, because his shooters had the range enhancement, mine don't. His guardians have the range enhancement, mine don't. If he hadn't split into four equal forces, I wouldn't even have tried.

NM...I was wrong. I HAD researched Thunderbolt, but used Lightning, which does not have the stun effect.
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