Serious game problems from old game veteran and profesional

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Roland MacLeodRoland MacLeod Forum SpeakerRoland MacLeodComments: 28 ✭✭✭
Hello everyone, i hope that developers start listening and make changes.
I also like see coments on my post who agre and who not agre and why?

PVP system is totaly bad and unadequate and for non pay players is nearly not playable or they must take deep frustration. :/
I´m been in top 100 in near begin of game and now try stay in gold league, but it is realy hard and near imposible.
How can take me player that is in top and atack me over 40 points?
I unable revenge against them because my army si not that strong and it been fully erased and i lose again around 40 points?
It is totaly unfair method.
Because if i try atack stronger players i can able maximaly take aroun 20 points. But i mostly use that random and receive btw 11-16 points.
I use all 6 bonus fights to move back losed position, but receive again some atacks and now i only lose positions, and realy not happy and like play every day 6 battles and unable move up.
In this method it look pay for win and or when you are in top then you are in safe because there is a few players that will attack you, they rather atack lover players than higher.

In this case i also do not like microtransaction politics of game. Yes game is nice, but totaly unbalanced and players as i now that not have free money or not want pay, they not have much chances to reach gold league and able take ent unit.

It is inferno to try atack player that have money and have a loot special units - normal player and he can be smartest ever not have chance to win. Matematic is clear.

In story guest are still bugs that you unable deploy full army and still are free slots in text but not on map there missing blue squares. I have another mision that is unbeatable with only 6 units that are in midlehigh development.
I lose there 3 times.

There still missing to chance by hard playing receive special units too for non payable players.
Or how you can beat player that have pumkin king and some other special units?
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  • Roland,

    Thank you for your message! Your ranking completely depends on your castle development, The more upgrades for troops and buildings you've completed, the higher your max ranking could be. If your ranking is almost at the max, you will receive less ranking for victories, if you are far from your max ranking, you will get more. The system is balancing you at the max you developed your self, you cannot constantly received thousands of ranking: what do you think the requirements for the Leagues would be then? They are recalculated every week basing on the total amount of ranking won by players on the previous week.

    Further, there are NO BUGS in deploying the troops. Take a look here, for example, it pretty much explains the difference in the number of squares available and the total limits of troops for missions:


    Finally, all players receive FREE QRYSTALS in the daily bonus for the 6th day of play, with special offers and as rewards for almost every mission and most quests. Sure, they may be not enough to revive the whole army from a scratch, but think about it: if you're losing lots of units, including the special ones, maybe it would be a good idea to revise your tactics?
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  • Roland MacLeodRoland MacLeod Forum Speaker Roland MacLeodComments: 28 ✭✭✭
    Oh no again?
    Sorry for my english, is not good.

    AS i say i am old game veteran and profesional, worked on many games with balancing and mostly not need calculator for that.
    If i say that there is again in some missions with placing troops is problem then that problem there is.
    I already know that some units take place of two or four. I already writing directly to support and first times again hear this until third post where it been say that i am right.
    If text say you can deploy 12 units and there is only 6 positions how i can deploy 12 units?
    I now have only balista but not use them in that quest because they are unusable.
    I use only one pieced units and with 6 deployed units unable beat that quest. And im dont thing that i am bad strategist - when my specialization is strategy games and most strategy games play on hardest level.
    My pikemans have 70 atack, use also one dwarf and one elven archer. My units is not that much weak but when they must kill 12 enemy units that are stronger and have more life then i can thing better strategy but still not working because 1+1=2 and when my units have example strength 5 then they unable beat units with example strength 7.
    Maybe they do it if they have twice atacks then they can win.

    About balancing ranks.
    Player in top have look that have all unit on maximum research. He atack me and i lose 44 points. I dont know if he receive that same points. But if yes then is more unfair than before i say.
    When i atack back that player but because he is in matematical equation stronger than i i lose again 44 point because not have chance to beat him.
    If atack me weaker players and he succed i lose only example 24 points, i can atack back and make revenge then i can win example 17 points. That is fair, because he is weaker than i.

    Golden league recalculating? How? You raise positon slots? I see only that i need more and more points to stay in gold. But againts payed players have too few chances.
    Only smal chance is that i start play soon and able research loot but when time run they soon be stronger than i.
    Correct balancing of golden league is when as more players play then more players can be in golden league.
    In other way new non full payable or nonpayable players never have chance reach that golden league.
    I payed around 20-30USD in this game and have problem to stay in golden league.

    Yes you give some diamonds every week - but special units can be resusect only for diamonds and cost loot of diamonds. Timing when died unit can be resurected is too low.
    Mainly if you lose whole army, you not able resurect all.
    I now feel from this game forcing players to buy, but with that i do not agree. I know that develop and runing cost a loot money, but i not want be that slave pay or not play, if is this game free to play, then there must be way to reach some payable items, not all but example some.
    Look example on King´s bounty Legion - there is good balancing betwen paying and nonpaying players.
    Diference is only that non pay players can reach some strength need litle more time but not that much time. And yes they have minimal chance be in top players, but there is mostly only rank and some times receive some bonus. But there in this game if i want have also one stronger unit Ent and have litle more chances for success defence then i must able stay in golden league more than 10 weeks?

    I there still miss fun for player that are not want be top but like finish some game goals, and not been forced stop play this game because they not have money for pay and they are in game phase where they must wait more than 4 weeks to try again beat one guest lvl?

    Thank you for reading.
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  • Roland,

    1) About the number of units to be placed before starting a mission

    Here's what the general message says before a battle:


    As you can see, it doesn't say that you can deploy 4 units. It says there's a limit of 4 per the total number of troops. There is a difference, and I can understand it can be a reason for an unintended disambiguation. Do you have any other versions for this text to specify that the limit is exactly for the number of places units take? Please feel free to share your suggestions.

    I can only add that the number of hostile units is the same whether you deployed your troops to fill all positions available, or left some vacansies. If you're having troubles with completing several missions, don't blame the lask of positions: you can always upgrade your troops to help them overcome enemy units, since the latter have the same stats for all players, all levels and any troops options. It's you who has advantage and flexibility here, in fact.

    2) About balancing ranks

    The ranking you lose can be very different from the ranking your opponent receives. As I have mentioned before, the ranking system depends utterly on your kingdom development, not on your battle skills. If you're at the top, i.e. you gathered enough ranking for your current developement level, you will NOT receive much for victories. The principle is to keep you in position established by your development, not to allow you receive more and more ranking exponentially, or it would be totally out of measurement and control.

    And yes, every week the treshold for each League is recalculated automatically on the server based on the average amount of ranking players of the league received and lost this week. We do NOT set it ourselves: if the League members fought hard, won much, and there were a lot of people joining the league, the treshold will be raised. if not, it will be lowered. it's the players who determine this, not the developers.

    3) About monetization

    In fact, there are a lot of people who are members of the Golden League, though they never paid a cent: simply because they invested their time and efforts in the game. You can progress slowly and gradually for free, or you can speed up the pace for cash: it's quite normal practice in social games. However, there's always a choice.
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  • Torben NielsenTorben Nielsen Forum Expert Torben NielsenComments: 88 ✭✭✭✭
    For the ranking i can give an example of how imbalanced the ranking is.

    Yesterday a player attacked me and for some reason he didnt succeed. For that i got 8 point. Then i took my revenge and i got 3 or 5 points. Then he took his revenge and i got -37 points.

    The troops he had defending were a bit less trained than mine, so he could not have more of that "famous value" than i had.

    Basicly it means that you can play for 2 days and get some points, and then lose it all when 1 player attack you once.

    This principle will make a lot of players leave the game, since it nearly impossible to get higher up than the best 600 players. A friend and i agree on the fact that the best defense in the game is having the orcs, but, ofc, we cant get them now.

    If i choose to only get 4 points each day from the tourney, then i would have to play for over 8 days in order to get the points back from 1 successful raid against me.

    So the balance is a village in siberia.
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  • MartyMarty Forum Speaker MartyComments: 37 ✭✭✭
    I have to agree as well that some of the points seem off to some degree. The assault option has been working better for me, but I must be stronger than most others my level. I often find targets that are simply not worth the time of the attack as they don't have any resources that I need (Iron is really hard to come by at lvl 11). Sometimes, that is more important than just a score...

    The points are off though. I have been attacked and they flee and I get 16, but I lose 30 at times and gain 10 at most when I am victorious with three stars. I am not a paying player. I can see how paying is a huge advantage though. The orcs simply need removed from the game in my opinion. If a unit that unbalancing can no longer be acquired by any player of any status, then the units should be removed. Those guys are devastating to any army.

    I try to do stuff in the tourney, but it doesn't take more than 5 or 6 wins and I start running in to people with orcs and then I have no chance to win. It's simply impossible. I am not a paying player. I have been in the bronze league twice now and that's it. It's a real pain.
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  • Hermes IshtarHermes Ishtar Freshly on the board Hermes IshtarComments: 1
    yup i totally agree. to lose minus 37 per attack n 3 attacks per day is very silly. i lose minus 110 honour in one day. the most i get per attacking another is 16 n thats an exception. itrs very silly real;ly. its a nice game but pvp sucks.i got to gold league after very hard labout but got very quickly out. i cant make up my very frustrated .i hve no hope fotr gold league any more n might even drop to bronze very soon .lol.
    its a nice ghame. i might keep playing the build up town game. lol.
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  • MartyMarty Forum Speaker MartyComments: 37 ✭✭✭
    It is easy to fill up all of my resources and get a lot of gold, but iron is scarce at my level. My single mine can only produce so little in one day...and the times and quantities it takes for the jump from tier 1 items to tier 2 items in the smithy is pretty rough on players. And...forcing us to completely max out a tier 2 unit to gain access to tier 3 is pretty mean as well. That's a ton of time spent in the smithy and with no available makes the game drag and go slow. Most of the people I assault barely give me more than 8 or 10 iron. Many of them give me 4 or 6 and I will sometimes skip those.
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  • Damon WilsonDamon Wilson Forum Expert Damon WilsonComments: 32 ✭✭✭✭
    I just completed the rune and grenades dwarf quest and the script might say you can have twelve troops there is only enough space for six so I got a ballista one time and have seven troops on mission. So why is that you cant have Calvary till twenty so your screwed. Also the ranking system and the random base select is screwy I get guys with stone towers and an Ent the pumkin guy and heavy horse and the last tier templars and how do you crush those guys. Also I can attack all day and lose all the points that day to a guy the must of got one star due to the resource gain That is 💩 also have lost guys attacking that was well out of range but still get hit also If close to next level I have to beat on a heiring the lowest infantry losing a full swordsman to him even though a swordsman with two shooters all were attacking him out in the middle with no one else. The game is slated towards trying to get your money or you have to be very patient and except losses that you should not have got. Also the upgrade chain is extremely difficult with making items to making bars to mining is all very time consuming to consuming sometimes it should take days even a week to get enough to upgrade your troops or defenses and still be not enough to lose massive points.
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  • Adam Brewer-janssenAdam Brewer-janssen Forum Speaker Adam Brewer-janssenComments: 20 ✭✭✭
    Hey Knights,

    I know that it is frustrating to lose all those points when your base gets overcome.... For me it mostly happens when it is revenge....

    This is a stratergy game!!!!!!!!!!!

    1.) Dont fight people that you think can revenge you and win...

    2.) Be patient, upgrade, upgrade, upgrade... Attack, attack.

    3.) Complete you 4,5 or 6 tourneys a day to get those easy ranking points and refine your fighting skills.

    4.) Keep working on the layout of your base to make it safe from attack....

    I am a non paying player... I am in the gold league and need to work hard to stay there. I have good friends and we help each other every day,,, especially good now after the last upgrade....

    Need to be so patient with upgrades, I have been working on an a shooter upgrade to give them +1 range, this will be a game changer, as it was when I saved for this on the guardsmen. It has already taken me 4 days and I have only about half the stuff I need and I am not upgrading anything else... It will take me about another week to get all I need for this upgrade, but it will help me a lot when it is done... patience, patience, patience....

    Sure the makers of the game make it so they can make money.. The temptation is always there to spend... That is part of what makes the game great... You must look at all you do in this game over the long time,, keep upgrading, building and being patient... Choose your openents carefully and make many friends... Add me

    I play this game for about 5 hours each day!!!
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  • GunnerwolfGunnerwolf Forum Expert GunnerwolfComments: 92 ✭✭✭✭
    I'm a free player but the highest rank I got was Rank 4. in the past few weeks, my ranking slipped to rank 20 because I was too busy to play. Just this day, I did 4 assault and 2 tourney and managed to gain rank and I'm now ranked 15. I will try to gain rank as long as I am not too busy.

    Now about the ranks, my shooter upgrade is 92% and I am currently upgrading the 2nd to last remaining upgrade for my shooter. I mainly upgrade my swordmaster and shooter since I find the spearmen too fragile (yes they have higher speed but they tend to die easily). I am also currently upgrading my squire (mounted knight). I mainly use mounted knight on missions where there are higher unit deployment points compared to the number of deployment slots. Example: you can deploy 12 unit points and there are only 6 deployment slots. 6 mounted knights is equal to 12 deployment points... Deploying the 6 stronger mounted units makes those stages so much easier than deploying 6 weaker infantry units.

    If you are not yet at the point of upgrading your mounted unit or have not yet considerably upgraded your 2nd tier units (guardians, swordmasters, shooters), I don't think you should aim for gold league yet. There are other non-paying players that deserve those slots in the gold league. I will probably gain my 3rd archer class next week, so watch out. ^_^
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  • Roland MacLeodRoland MacLeod Forum Speaker Roland MacLeodComments: 28 ✭✭✭
    I´m sorry but disagree.

    That mision that i unable beat is Road to the mountains. I like know how solve it and dont loose unit or max lose two. I every time lose all units unable reach to west because there are boss and two units. How finish it with only 6 units? Maybe when i have all units on 100% research and have templars maybe in that case i can complete that quest.
    I use dwarf Stormcaller, and one Elven archer and my hero that is lvl 9 50 damage 250life, 85 initiative.
    I also use spearmens because they have high atack 70 damage 230 life and 115initiative and theyr research is on 48%
    My shooter is in 44% research and damage 70 i now try as soon as posible reach +1 range shoot.
    And still not able beat this quest, and it look that i am backward in story and how develop my base.

    And better formulation? Yes there must be total change. And for this mission need more slots for deploy.
    You need if some unit take more places then he must be bigger on two or four blue squares and not only for one.
    Solution can be when you deploy single bigger unit then disapear from maps free blue squares.
    When in this quest mostly players will do not have ent or horse, maximaly balista.
    And as you can see on picture i put 3 units but that is not 4. it may be 5. Or heroes not count?
    If heroes not count then player must wait for lvl 20 to able deploy two heroes that much help him.
    For beat darkeling you need minimaly 4-5 units to avoid lose and units must have maximum atack. That is calculation for this map you need deploy 8-10 units able to beat this map.

    I am player on 16 lvl and invest to game 20-30 USD maybe litle more. But know sooner how game mechanic work i never invest my hard maked money to this game and already stop play game.
    I play every day for receive day bonus and try use all 6 double bonuses battles. But i am too disgusted to atack back because it cost much troops and now when i use diamond units have a high chance to lose them. And in another way if i lose most units then i not have chance resurect them all.
    This situation is for a good player very frustrating.

    Because in some ways i can lose over 100 prestige but never able to gain it back. And i do not like be forcet invest all free time for one game. Because some people must too go work.
    This is causal free to play game - but i see that is not that much causal and it look as pay to win.
    If are top people or people that not pay are in golden league they must start game early in beggin. But people that started example month ago and not pay have minimal chance to reach golden league and also try to stay here for 10 weeks able to receive Ent unit.

    I am interested how many non pay players are in gold league and when they are start playing?

    I am now light active player and try to only reach some end of game goal for me to stop play.
    But there are markant nurmers.
    As higher player atack you then you more points lose. And mostly unable retaliate atack because you are a far weaker. Then revenge is suicide and lose again much points.
    If atack me weaker player then i lose around 17-24 points. But i can retaliate atack back and receive litle few points but able with more atacks stand points for gold league.

    I not want be dependent play a whole day and battle 7 and more atacks to able secure position. Now it is that if i make 7 battles i able litle move up, but next day i receive two atacks and lose more points than i hardly maked before.
    I play, test and some games make balancing changes and there not see that big problem in rankings as there.
    Normaly is when you are stronger and atack weaker then you receive few points than when you atack stronger. But if i lose on stronger lose more points then i lose on weaker player. And that is important problem in balancing in this game.

    New players are in disadvantage against long time players, and only way how break point is pay, or play as mad addicted player.

    In this game totaly missing fun for most players. Some fun have only few top and long players, but how long?
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  • GunnerwolfGunnerwolf Forum Expert GunnerwolfComments: 92 ✭✭✭✭
    I remember that road to the mountains... Is that the one with mounted units as enemies and you have to activate some rune pedestals?
    You have 10 deployment points and only 6 deployment slots?

    I used 4 squire (mounted units , with 2-4 upgrades), the hero (10-15 upgrade) and a swordmaster (10-15 upgrades).
    The 4 squire cost 2 population to deploy (4x2=8) plus 2 population points for hero and swordmaster.

    Squires have better survival potential due to their superior health points.
    I immediately knew I needed to use mounted units at this point due to the fact that there are 6 deployment slot and 10 deployment points.

    If you are still too low level to train mounted units, I would suggest not doing this mission yet and just focus on upgrading your units as well as leveling (assaults).

    When I was at your level, I usually mix my low class units (militiamen) in assault as a damage soak... The enemy usually attacks them instead of my higher class units (swordmasters)... This enables me to easily revive them compared to the 2 hour revival of higher class units. I usually bring 1 low class units for every 3 high class units... It is easier to revive 2-4 low class units than to revive 1 high class units.

    I think I started on the 2nd week of the game and to be honest, that enables me to be ahead of the game... I have no idea that the game could be harder for new players...

    But I can tell you this... 1 ent unit cost 4 deployment points... it might seem more powerful at first but in the long run, 4 champion class units is a better choice in this game than the ent, so do not be frustrated if you cannot get the ent at once.... Take your time and work for your upgrade, you'll get to the golden league in no time at all...

    When I first started, I didn't made the golden league yet, the golden league members are only about top 20 or something... I think I was top 30 that time... I work hard on my upgrades and soon I was gaining prestige faster... You gain more prestige if your upgrade is high... So it is important that you upgrade as much as possible. At my level, upgrades takes about 4-6 days, so you can technically catch up to us if you focus on leveling.

    I also suffer when I lose from an attack. When I win, I gain about 20-50 prestige, but when I lose, I loss 40-70 prestige. It is something that I have learned to accept... I just try my best to gain back that lost by winning more win against that 1 lost.

    Oh and one last thing to say... In the ranking, the gold league borders is a fight between players that usually started at the same time as you... You are not at a disadvantage there... You will be fighting other low level players that have the same level of upgrade as you did. When I started the gold league are only for those who are on the top 20... Right now I am not sure I think the gold league is much bigger than the top 20, maybe top 100 or something... So you can join the gold league not by beating paying player or early starter.... You should be able to join the gold league simply by beating other non-payer, latecomer players.

    FYI: I don't even have an eleven archeress like you have... I didn't even make the cut to acquire the elven swordmaster during the holloween event... I'm not a very active player, but I do take my upgrades seriously... I could spend the day not doing any fight, but I make sure that all my smiths and upgrades are working.
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  • MartyMarty Forum Speaker MartyComments: 37 ✭✭✭
    I hear what you are saying Gunner...but there are definitely some issues that need worked out in this game. I am sorry, but waiting a week for a single tier 2 upgrade when you need 20 or 30 upgrades to max out a tier 2 unit? It's not even a top tier unit! A single week for one tier 2 upgrade? Even 4 to 6 days for a single upgrade? That would make far more sense if there were 5 tiers and this was a 4th or 5th tier upgrade. But from what I can tell, there are only 3 tiers.

    The times it takes to research, upgrade and do things in the smithy can really drag the game down. The combat can be fun, but when the people you are attacking do not have the resources you want and you are not a paying player that can sit around for 5 hours on a daily basis, you just kind of accept the fact that you won't ever be in the gold league. I really don't even care about it, but the game is quickly turning in to a log in a few times a day, make sure your buildings are working on something and you collected your resources that you no longer have room to store in your vaults and log out. There just is no real reason to do combat when even if I did get the resources I wanted, I am stuck waiting days for one thing to be made so I can then use that item to make this thing and then wait another 2 or 3 days to make this item and finally....I get to do an upgrade!

    The resource cost and time investment is too great for lower level units...or in this case, tier 2 "mid-level" units.

    As for the points, I will say this. I don't like losing a fight and losing 3 to 4 times the amount of points than I can get when I win against an opponent. It is not very often that I lose because I am careful about who I attack and ensuring that I can get 3 stars with 0 to 2 losses on my side. Regardless, it only takes a few counterattacks to ruin 3 or 4 days worth of point gains. I have barely been playing a week now and this has already happened to me and I am not past lvl 11. I am still stuck with only 17 population. At least the assault option stopped throwing me to the wolves of people with cavalry and other tier 3 units like it was in the first few days I was playing and I was level 9. It now actually gives some fair targets...if only the targets actually had the resources I might need at the time. Or if only I actually could use those resources instead of sitting around and waiting for my smithy and foundry to finish again.

    And Orcs need to be removed or nerfed. Specially in the tourneys. The ability to attack all foes around you is simply insane in a game designed like this. The elven archeress with her godly speed is insane (at least she is balanced out with low hit points, unlike the orc). The push to pay out is big in this game as paying out gives huge advantages (if only archers were worth more than just the very situational use that they currently get in assaults and tourneys).
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  • Roland MacLeodRoland MacLeod Forum Speaker Roland MacLeodComments: 28 ✭✭✭
    Gunnerwolf wrote: »

    Yes and no.
    As you say you are start in begin or near begin. I think start betwen month or 2 month later than game start.
    I able relatively easy to move to top 100 in gold league. But for higher is too hard.
    Yes now is gold league end around 399? I don´t know how much players play this game. But for gold league im thing will be ok 5-7% of all players to have more chance to reach for new players.

    Example in month and half is been very easy be in gold league, but now is too hard and few day ago i drop to silver.
    But before i not must much atacking, but now must make minimaly 6 atack per day.

    I also dont know dead line curve how and when players stop play.
    I am statistict and love graphs, percentages and all around good balancing and bring funn for most people.
    (Game must be fun first and later than come money - example worlds of tanks that is one of few true free to play)
    I know all bacgrounds around developing games as big companies than too smal people and know how much cost some developing studios as example Bohemia Interactive and their game Operation Flashpoint.
    Many or mostly developers that make games on FB chose realy bad way. Take look where is now Zinga. But this is BTW.

    Mountains quest.
    I am lvl 16 and and not know when i can have horses or templars. I try work my economic as best as i can, now i have all lands buyed and aiming to shoters have +1 range.
    For raid another player are swordmaster useles - slow, low action, low damage against spearman inefective. Archers are near efective agains spearman bud spearman are still well efective agains archers or shoters and have still better initiative.
    Use low lvl units are not efective agains stronger player - easy die and enemy still automatic take atack on most precious units if they can reach, they ignore closed units.
    When i have ent then have unit that have 150 damage and mainly 1500 life that is ideal defend front unit. Im thinked about thief but he is not that good.
    When i save more diamonds i try move with some units to left and after that sacrifice one unit for open third obelisk.

    But now make any upgrades units or upgrade building take a very long time. That is not that much big problem. But you must chose betwen upgrade or making new units.
    Mostly i not lose units in raids -but again high players are mostly unbeatable or i lose over 7-8 units.

    When able to complete that quest i vill be lvl 17? or more? And able to complete whole quest line i be lvl 20? (Yes developers need buy some time make new thigs.)
    But there it look that lvl your castle and move in quest aren´t in balance.

    On halloween i able only amazon swordmaster, but unable reach pumpkin and it still cost me a loot diamonds, and for pumkin i do not have money. Be weaker player (begin later than i) I do not have any chance to reach amazon. This bring more unbalancing for game.

    I am very patient player and it is too because i worked over 10 years as gaming customer support.
    But thing happen in this game are too much on me - when i dont see any my movement forward.

    Player level cap is around 25? But reach lvl 20 for me take still a long time.
    It is not problem if advancing take some time but need that time will be adeguate and not start much boring for players.
    And now how game working i am not happy and hate make still too much repetetive actions. There is minimal freedom for play and that is problem. Im think at january or february i finaly stop and leave play this game. But have many another games that still play over year or two years.
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  • The troops he had defending were a bit less trained than mine, so he could not have more of that "famous value" than i had.


    Most likely he was closer to his max fame than you to yours. It's individual for every user.
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  • Torben NielsenTorben Nielsen Forum Expert Torben NielsenComments: 88 ✭✭✭✭
    Baskakova, so please explain why i get max 5-6 points for defeating a less developed player and i lose 36-37 points to a near identical developed player. As many of us say. Why is there that huge difference which makes it impossible to climb the ranks if you are attacked once every 1-2 days.

    What your rule really does is making players leave the game. In world of tanks, its estimated that 15% of the playerbase use money.

    As you said there may be many players in gold league who havent used money to get there. But for a player like me that had over 16000 players ahead of me when i started its different. The highest i may get to is around 600 or a bit better, after that i slip around 40 spots with 1 attack against me.
    So now i have begun to see the game as a builder game and nothing more... Pvp is just a tool to get a bit more resourses...
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  • MartyMarty Forum Speaker MartyComments: 37 ✭✭✭
    Haha...I just now realized that they give out prizes on Mondays for being ranked in the league. I guess I am somehow ranked in the silver league at the moment. No idea how though considering everyone else must far out level me...this game could really use a good in-depth FAQ. This game also needs some good hover your mouse over something and little informational pop up windows to read show up for you.
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