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FuturistFuturist Forum ExpertFuturistComments: 68 ✭✭✭✭
I would actually rather the Temple and Revive option be gone and have the cost of units lowered to something more manageable. For instance, for a Hireling, the cost is 550 gold and 2 iron. That is reasonable.

However, as soon as we go to level 2 units, the costs become completely unreasonable. The costs of level 2 units are below:

Guardian - 9600 gold, 75 stone, 8 iron PLUS: chain shirt (75 stone, 8 iron, 4 hours) chain leggings (70 stone, 8 iron, 3 hours) and a spear (60 wood, 8 iron, 2 hours) Thus, total cost of 25,000 gold, 220 stone, 60 wood and 24 iron!

Swordmaster - 10,000 gold, 16 iron PLUS: Breastplate (24 iron, 6 steel bars <at 2 iron and 1 coal each>, 1 Sword (20 stone, 4 iron, 2 hrs), 1 shield (20 stone, 4 iron, 2 hrs) Thus, total cost of 15,000 gold, 60 iron, 40 stone!

Shooter - 8100 gold, 300 wood, 8 iron PLUS: Bow ( 2.5 hrs), Quiver ( 1 hr), Leather Shirt () Thus, total cost of ...........

I will have to come back to get the numbers for the crafting right, as my smithies are (gasp) busy.

So, roughly, a single level 2 unit costs most of the production of your resource buildings for an entire day. Yet, you can "revive" these units for 500 gold? Sure, it takes two hours. Also true, there is a limit of six hours in which to do so. Yet, the costs of level 2 units are what? FOURTY times as great as the level 1 units? I should think that the time of production would be a limitation, at least some of the time.

I would rather the option to revive just be gone. Reduce the cost of units to maybe double the cost of the previous level. Having to craft the items should be cost enough really.
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  • MartyMarty Forum Speaker MartyComments: 37 ✭✭✭
    Removing the shrine probably wouldn't bother me so much if the cost to produce a tier 2 unit was brought down...a lot. They are so hard to make...make the revival times shorter to help prevent an absolute loss. Lossing one or two is one thing...but losing 7 to 10 because you don't have the blue crystals is pretty crushing. I understand that we get an entire 5 free crystals every 6 or 7 days or whatever. That barely covers the cost of one revival in the shrine and you have to wait several days again before you get more of the free crystals.
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  • Damon WilsonDamon Wilson Forum Expert Damon WilsonComments: 32 ✭✭✭✭
    I know it is bull. I have lost troops tfrom guys with heirlings, archers and a few pikeman and my guys are upgraded a lot. I have lost points on attacks that lost little resource and when I retaliate they have nothing and get killed with shooters. So the loss is fixed for you to spend money or be extremely patient and take a lot of time.
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