Winter is Coming to Greenmeere!

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Milords and Miladies,

Winter is coming to Greenmeere! The Elders foresee snowfalls this week; very soon your lands will be covered with the first snow!

However, the cold won't stop those who know no rest from fighting the Darkness! Our heroes will proceed further into the forsaken lands, and a new mission will bring new surprises and threats as well as new faces of those who you got used to know... Or thought so.


Christmas is coming soon, the time of magic and miracles... This week dwarf smiths will start accepting gold only as a payment for crafting magic seals in order to save your winter supplies of wood, iron and stone. Except, of course, the rarest seal of elements, which would still require an arcane crystal to create.

The magical properties of stone and iron runes are fading out... Which is why they will be replaced with scrolls of valor in all upgrades and researches in the coming release. You will be able to exchange the runes you currently have for gold or scrolls by a special time-limited offer.

Finally, browsing your allies' castles will become much more convenient, and you will get an option to call back those of your friends who haven't been in the game for a while. More work to help with in your friends' castles means more bonus accelerations for your own realm! And if you're planning to take a leave yourself, our new 7-day Shield will come in handy.
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