New Mission, Runes Replaced by Scrolls (19/12/2013)

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Milords and Miladies,

Winter brings not only fluffy snow on the roofs and snowflakes falling graciously on your lands, but severe trials as well.

Our heroes will finally discover the true face of the enemy in the new M-Day mission. Evil has a lot of masks, and even innocent appearance can hide a real monster beyond.


Since the magical properties of runes are fading out, Merlin will take the trouble of exchanging them for scrolls of valor and gold. During the next 9 days you can barter any 2 runes of the same kind (either iron, or stone runes) for 1 scroll of valor or gold at market prices. NB: If you have only a single rune of a kind, the special offer won't appear, as 1 rune can only be sold, which you can do at the Market.

As there used to be a limit for runes, we established a limit for scrolls replacing them as well: you can have as much as 20 scrolls of valor; if you had more prior to this release, they will remain in your Inventory, however, the scrolls plundered in assaults won't be added on top of them. IMPORTANT: Scrolls exchanged for runes by this special offer WILL be added to the total number of scrolls you have, even if you have OVER 20 of them.

Also, magical seals will be produced only for gold at the Dwarven Smithy, no more resources will be used to craft them.

Finally, you will be able to get more bonus accelerations for helping your friends by using the function of calling back those of your allies who haven't been in the game for a while. You will be able to see their userpics and names in the castles as well.

And those who are planning to leave Greenmeere for vacation can use the lost and longest of our Shields for 7 days to keep the castle safe from raids. The cooldown period for the weekly Shield is 3 weeks.
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