[Suggestion] Stockade/Walls limit, Shrine's revival queue, Castle defenses..

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First of all, stockade and walls was the first basic defenses, and in all real castle they always presents as a first line defenses, encircle the castle and it's tenancy. That being said it should be available at large limits, 18 and 24 is barely cover the castle it self.

Second, the shrine revival should include a pre-ordered queue list revival for those who can't be sitting there waiting the revivals of the fallen units one after another, which could took very long time indeed. The way i suggest it (as i had mentioned in the FB page) is:
  1. Pay with gems to open up a list for queue, the cost can be according to how many units the list can contains.
  2. Then we put the fallen units into the order as we wished it, the cost, expired timer, and revival for each unit will remain as it is.
  3. Then the shrine will revive those fallen units automatically as we had ordered the queue, and placed them into our inventory when they're done.
Third, real castles usually has wings towers that act as an attached defenses, a rather last line of defense of sort. As razing the castle down was counted as 1 stars in itself among the factor of winning a raid, i would say it should be expected to be a bit of a feat to do so, thus it should be made to have an offensive capability of it's own.

Fourth, the notification we get popping-up when we load the game about the attack on us and else, should be conveniently available any time we wish to open it. should we decide to exact revenge on all, we could do so not just limited to one.

Fifth, talking about notification/messages, there should be a way of in-game communication available, especially among order's member.

Sixth, there should be a capability to do mock battle/raid among friends where unit/resources will not be lost. if what was hinted in the FB pages was true that in the distant future there will be a kind of order scale war between orders, then this will be very useful for the orders to accumulate wisdom in defensive or offensive tactics.

Ofc, this all just a mere suggestion, the decision is up to the developer, all i ask is a consideration of it's worthiness as a future improvements.
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  • FuturistFuturist Forum Expert FuturistComments: 68 ✭✭✭✭
    I actually want the Castle to allow you to place units inside, which must be killed before you do structural damage (excepting maybe siege engines...at LAST a useful purpose!).

    Same thing with towers. Keep the stats what they are, but allow you to place a single (preferably) missile unit inside, which must be killed before structural damage is done. Again, allow siege engines to bypass the unit and deal direct damage to the tower. Right now, I really can't see any purpose for building siege engines. Upgraded Shooters and Guardians do them just fine, because their damage is almost as high as the siege engine's after the tripling, and they do much better against regular units.
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  • Sasho KojuharovSasho Kojuharov Forum Speaker Sasho KojuharovComments: 34 ✭✭✭
    I really like the idea about the shrine but about the castle I have to disagree with both of you. You are saying as if you have no towers to defend it. The fact that you can place the towers where you want is better than to have them stuck to the castle like in the real middle ages. In the real middle ages the castle was the only thing in the walls. They used to build the castle with the walls and all and when the population grow they started building around the walls. There are exceptions like Konstantinopol which had a really big wall around it. The castle should be able to have some units inside but can you image a real battle? "Destroy the castle". *moments later the catapults started trowing stones. After some time when the castle was almost destroyed the king said*. Stop! There are still soldiers inside. We must kill them first.
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