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Ohh come on............. If you want to piss us off thus is the sure way to do it

How can we combat a unit with 2000 health that does 300 damage with each hit. And it even have 5-6 adds.

I dont have a single unit that can survive that hit.

It seems christmas in this game was over real fast....
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  • Torben,

    Are you talking about Snowdrop? There are at least 2 strategies suggested by players:

    1) Use the troops with the initiative over 120 - or put a spell to increase their initiative, if it's regular. This way your units will take 2 turns in a single round: they can hit Snowdrop and retreat. He's superslow, so he won't be able to chase them. Feel free to use Elven Archeresses to shoot at him from the distance: they are practically firing twice per round.

    2) Lure Snowdrop to the towers, wait until they destroy part of his health, then buff him with your tanks, Hero and all the might of your army. He simply won't have a chance to hit more than 1-2 of your units.

    There are other ways, of course, but remember: even the toughest units have weak spots. Snowdrop's one is his slow tempo) Make him follow you, shoot him from the distance and attack with a final blow.
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