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GallanthurGallanthur Freshly on the boardGallanthurComments: 0
I completed all four requirements to receive my crystals. However, I've Shared Knights: CoH several times. Both at "below the game screen" and the share button in sub requirement 3. Therefore I have several share on my friends & my face book. Yet I'm not getting credit for completing this sub requirement. I have a green check mark on all 'other' requirements.
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  • Gallanthur,

    Thank you for your message, my apologies for the inconvenience! What browser are you using? My guess is that it's Internet Explorer. If you're using Internet Explorer, please try running the game in a different browser, the quest will be completed once you click on the Share button and share the game on your wall. We do not recommend using IE for playing Knights: Clash of Heroes and apologize for the inconvenience once again!
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  • junk0420junk0420 Forum Dweller junk0420Comments: 5 ✭✭
    i am having the same problem. i have done everything including like 3 different times. it is on my page and still wont accept that i have completed the tasks
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