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Manole SorinManole Sorin Freshly on the boardManole SorinComments: 0
Hello. i think there is a problem with my account.since i joined the golden league 2 weeks ago(i don't know if its related or not) i haven't received my dragons(golden, silver or bronze).

anyone has any clue what to do?....i've tried to contact support but i can't send the message (it sais my user ID is not valid and i'm sure i wrote it correct cause its in my bottom page when i play the game)
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  • Johannes SilalahiJohannes Silalahi Freshly on the board Johannes SilalahiComments: 1
    me too,,why i haven't received my dragons ( golen, silver or bronze )
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  • Manole, please read the instructions prior to submitting a ticket to Support: user ID is required in digits ONLY.

    Johannes, please contact Support by clicking on the Support link at the bottom of the game screen.

    In general, you will receive dragoons for the Leagues you were a member of in the previous week. If you only made it to another League on Monday, you will receive dragoons for it in a week.
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