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antcorfantcorf Forum DwellerantcorfComments: 7 ✭✭
Hi all,

I'm about to complete level 15, my ranking is at about 1900, and I've built the Order Tower. I was wondering whether I should join a knight order now or I should wait a bit to bring my ranking up a bit. I'm not sure how the order one joins can influence his playing of the game or what criteria one should use in order to choose to which order to apply etc.

Any advice or opinion will be appreciated.


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  • TooPensiveTooPensive Forum Speaker TooPensiveComments: 30 ✭✭✭
    Dear antcorf

    As it is now, Orders don't do as much as they could. You have more Knights to visit, but at this moment, that's all. There seems, though, to be a future feature called "Global War". It might be something like Order vs Order battles, or something similar. As far as I know, this game is not that old and Playkot is still improving many things and adding more features, and making events like Halloween and Winter event... It all takes a lot of time and resources...
    Ofc you can join an Order, there's no disadvantage about joining an Order. But I assume that there will be new features in a month or 2 which will make Orders much more interesting.

    Now, we can only guess what Playkot is planning :)

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