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Hi, there are a few questions that I would like to ask.

(1) I have only played this game for less than a week. However, when I choose "call to arms" -> "assault" the enemies I met were clearly WAY ahead in level than mine. They have snow queen, Ent, Darke Elf, Orc etc etc. AND they have like 10 towers. I'm only level 10 and was only allowed to have 3 towers. How is that even fair ? I was just assaulted by a player, when I click on revenge, that guy has Order tower, bunch of Orcs, tones of towers. There is NO way for me to take any kind of "revenge" at all. Why when I click assault I meet players that are way ahead than I do but when others assault they meet me ? (I have never taken anything from the player that assaulted me)

(2) is it possible for me to remember who assaulted me and revenge them later ? since obviously cannot do anything to the player that assaulted me

(3) I just unlocked the altar of heroes with Qrystals and have trouble understanding how it works. Does the level of the hero affect the hero's status ? Also, does all upgrade in the 3 categories benefit the hero as well ? (or only those with a helmet icon will affect the hero ?)

Thank you so much in advance for your time !! Appreciate it
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    Dear Tomothy Lui

    1) I have the very same issue, among many other players. Few times, while browsing through enemies, I come across a player named Joseph Chai. He is one of the strongest players here, if not the strongest one (he has fully upgraded Chivalry and 10x Reinforced Towers II (70 attack, 500 health) etc... There was an upgrade recently so they might have changed something about that, or maybe not... It would be better if Playkot changed the algorithm, maybe make a maximum level difference of 3 or 4? We'll see in future...

    2) When you log in to K:COH, and got attacked while you were offline, you get a notification that you got attacked (by who, how many points lost, how many resources lost etc...) If there were multiple assaults on you, you can only pick one of them and you're only able to revenge on the Knight you choose.

    3) No, the level of the hero doesn't affect the hero's status. as you can see, there are plenty upgrades you can make... However, you need to use your hero in assaults so that he levels up from time to time because the more upgrades you do, the higher his level needs to be. As far as I remember, for example, you can at most upgrade Swordsmen, Spearsmen and Archers 3 times and then you need to level up the hero so that you can keep upgrading him. He levels up pretty fast, don't rush it as his upgrades require more and more items and resources and you won't possible be fast enough with collecting/producing items and collecting resources...
    The upgrades affect the hero only if there's a (golden) helmet on the icon, if there's no helmet, the upgrade affects your units (but you will only benefit from these upgrades when you're attacking another player and using your hero in assaults).

    Look here:

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