Earth Magic School, New Mission, New Levelcap (02/05/2014)

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Milords and Miladies,

It's time for more magic: the earth magic school is now available in the Rune Tower! Destructive spells of this school are very efficient against buildings; some of other spells include slowing down and stunning effects on enemies. To balance the new powerful magic, all Citadels now have magic resistance. To use earth magic spells you will need seals of earth, which can be crafted in the Dwarven Smithy.


A new campaign mission, Burial Hill of Heroes, will bring a new plot twist you could hardly predict. Plus, there will be new hordes of the undead to fight side by side with Roland and Ranoven!

Good news for players who reached Level 30: the level cap in the game was increased by 5 more levels, up to 35! Just to remind you, each new level grants a new title, a bonus qrystal and a full energy refill. Also, starting with Level 31, the number of places for units one you can take into Assaults is increased by 1, and is now 16.

Also, the prices for upgrading your Smithies to new levels were dropped; however, the production of some items has been reassigned to higher Smithy levels. The requirements for scrolls of valor amounts for leveling up your magic schools have been recalculated as well: there will be no need in dozens of scrolls to upgrade magic schools, plus upper levels will require unicorn horns instead.

We also added mobile payment options to the Royal Bank and applied a number of bug fixes as well.
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