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1 Comments·Started 09 February 2014 05:54 PM
Jerome CamolliJerome Camolli Freshly on the boardJerome CamolliComments: 0
I'm french, and i need friends, add me ^^
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  • Ben McLeanBen McLean Freshly on the board Ben McLeanComments: 2
    Sorry mate, unless you give us your FB link, I don't think anyone can add you. Usually just adding friends on forums don't count toward adding friends in FB games.
    Sure, add me on Facebook, I accept everyone. If you post 💩 I don't want to see, well, then i'll just hide your posts and go on with my day :) If I post 💩 you don't want to see, well, then either configure FB not to show my posts or unfriend me, it wont hurt my feelings.
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