Decor Defences

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airborneairborne Forum DwellerairborneComments: 1 ✭✭
Since décor is un destroyable and you can't walk through it, I find it odd that since my town is surrounded in fences, attackers still manage to destroy my citadel. My citadel is in the middle and out of range of any attacker from the fences. I know they are destroying my citadel because after I got raided my citadel was rebuilding itself. Getting all 3 of the raiding goals makes me lose more ranking and it is really being a drag since I was nearly 20 ranking away from the gold league. Please tell me if this is a glitch/cheat and if it is would it be possible to get some of my ranking back? It also doesn't help being raided losing 30 and raiding them back obtaining all 3 only gaining 7 ranking.
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