Is it worth to buy the "elven archeress" ?

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Kelvin LaiKelvin Lai Forum DwellerKelvin LaiComments: 4 ✭✭
Hi Everyone,

I'm a newbie here and only lv.9.
May I ask, is it worth to buy the "elven archeress" ?

Should buy one for assist, or buy all three ?

Please advise me, thank you very much. I have 7 hours left...
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  • antcorfantcorf Forum Dweller antcorfComments: 7 ✭✭
    Hi Kelvin,

    I cannot tell you what's good for you as the value of many units here depends on one's startegy and tactics, but here are what I see as the advantages of the archeresses:

    - very high speed (initiative), so they have more frequent turns than other units
    - firing range 5: you have to reach one of the last and the longets updates of the shooter to get this range. of course, marksmen and even upgraded shooters may be hard to kill, but you can destroy up to level 4 towers and other archers without getting in their firing range.
    - for me these units have done a lot of work because of the two features I mentioned above: frequent turns and range


    - for a special unit they have low HPs (only 180) and they need 5 qystals (each) to be revived in case they are killed, so you have to use them with care. When I use special units in raids I sometimes finish the battles after one or two stars just because I'm afraid my special units may be trapped and killed.
    - their firing power is modest (65) and is not affected by archer upgrades, so they may not be very helpful against units with high HPs and protection from arrows

    Personally I would recommend all three of them (for me they are by far the most useful special unit - after the Snow Queen perhaps - especially at your level. But others may say that eventually they will be superseded by normal units. Hope this helps.
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  • TooPensiveTooPensive Forum Speaker TooPensiveComments: 30 ✭✭✭
    Dear Kelvin

    antcorf said nearly everything. I just want to add that Elven Archeresses will be useful until lvl 15-18 (depends on you and how much you upgrade your units, especially Rangers and then Shooter).
    Sooner or later Shooter will be much better (fully upgraded they have 95 damage, 240 health, 100 initiative and same range as Elven Archeresses) and they don't cost qrystals to be revived.
    Plus, 3 Elven Archeresses cost something between $20 and $25 totally... I'd recommend them too, but don't rob your piggybank just because of them. If you have spare money, then allow them yourself :). You'll need them for a long time (at least 1.5 - 2 months).


    P.S.: lol! I only just noticed that more than 24 passed so this opinion is too late anyway... How did you choose?
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  • Kelvin LaiKelvin Lai Forum Dweller Kelvin LaiComments: 4 ✭✭
    Thank you very much for helping me.

    But I miss them finally, hope chance will come again later... I will buy one at least.

    May I ask, the orc will be able to buy in later mission, should I buy the orc fighter??
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  • TooPensiveTooPensive Forum Speaker TooPensiveComments: 30 ✭✭✭
    Elven Archeresses will be offered in a month or 1.5 again. By then they might've become useless for you, depending on how far you upgraded your shooter. You'll see...

    It's the same story with Orc Berserkers... They will be your strongest unit so far but your Guardsmen and Swordsmaster will surpass him and become better units, mostly because your Orcs will die fast in assaults because all units go for the special units first. It happened a lot that all 3 Berserkers died in an assault and the rest survived, so I had to pay 15 qrystals which was just a waste... It's cool that they can damage several targets at once, but you don't get surrounded by enemy units that often, and if you do, the Berserker dies faster than you wish he would... What I would recommend you, though, is Dwarf bombers after you reach lvl 15/16 and finish campaign "Furious Pursuit". They are pretty cool.
    Again, if you have spare money, buy special units. They'll be useful for a while.
    There's a catch though. They won't stay useful forever. I have never seen a high-level with special units other than Snow Queen or Scarecrow, simply because there are much stronger units sooner or later, which are in another league (better).
    I'm a strong lvl 17 and I still use Orc Berserkers and Dwarf Bombers from time to time, so I guess you can go for it :)
    Just be aware that these units cost $7 or so, each(!).

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  • antcorfantcorf Forum Dweller antcorfComments: 7 ✭✭
    Yes, this is my view too (I'm also a lvl 17 player). From the special units the most useful ones have been the elven archeresses (in raids, esp. when you deal with low range towers and archers). The dwarf bombers are good too (in spite of being relatively slow, they have good attack and they can throw three bombs hitting multiple targets. The orcs must be good for your defence, but for raids or quests they will be targeted by the enemies: they are relatively fast and have 400HPs but they can only fight body-to-body, which makes them vulnerable,but having three Orcs can improve your defence (against low level units). I have one Orc and he's helped me in tournaments (at least until the Snow Queen made her appearance). Unfortunately, this use is rather limited now, as since the appearance of the Snow Queen, the team that has her usually wins (or the team who plays first in case both teams have her). So I agree with the post above, it really depends on how much you are willing to spend or how patient you are willing to be. Orcs are not game changers, but they have some use
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