Introducing New Economy on 09/11/2013!

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Milords and miladies,

A huge update is scheduled for this Wednesday, in which we attempted to improve the processes of extracting resources and crafting items for your Hero's and your army's upgrades.

Simply launch Knights: Clash of Heroes to find out more about new options that will await you: we have composed a short guide on the major changes that can be browsed directly in the game. And tomorrow we will tell you more about new elements brought to the gaming process.

Please leave your opinions, suggestions and comments on the coming update here. Thanks for your help and inspiration!
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    I am looking forward to the changes. Keep up the good works.
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  • Milords and miladies,

    Here are the promised additional details on tomorrow's update!

    We added several new items required for upgrades, such as Engineering plans: special items for high-level building upgrades that can be purchased with bronze Imperials in the Elite Wares Shop. Just to remind you, bronze Imperials can now be received not only for being a member of the Bronze League, but also on the 5th day bonus.

    The game also features different bars for a various sorts of steel now: plain steel, tempered steel and dwarven steel. Tempered and dwarven steel bars are required for high-level upgrades; in order to produce them you would need to upgrade your Foundries to levels 2 and 3. In fact, they are created of the steel bars of the previous level each, which was designed to avoid cramming your Inventory with hundreds of the same items. A starting Foundry of level 1 would be enough for producing plain steel bars and coal lumps; and yes, there will only one coal item now, since you will be able to order any amount you desire to produce.

    Also, the prices and requirements for many upgrades have been recalculated. They have been increased mainly, however, the new amounts resulted from the increased resources extraction rates. I.e. if you needed 60,000 coins for an upgrade before the update, you will require 210,000 now – however, the difference is balanced by the boosting new profits on Farms and Farmsteads that keep coming day and night.

    There are a lot of interesting events in Knights: Call of Heroes, not only those features marked by the "Soon!" signs, but many other you have no idea about yet ;) Let's evolve together!
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