Best Was to Help Friends and Covenant Members

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Don TalloDon Tallo Forum DwellerDon TalloComments: 11
I stumbled upon this post from 9 months ago and had a huge laugh at my own expense. Everything I thought I knew about the game was patently WRONG! :rolleyes:

So, to level-28 Don, and to anyone who might be wondering about how to best help friends and covenant members, I'm updating this post.

The reality is, there really are no right or wrong ways to give help. Everyone's needs for help are relative to their current level and their current situation. You cannot know what help a person needs unless they communicate it to you.

So, my rules for help would be:
1. Don't over-analyze the way you give help. Just give help in the way you feel it will best serve your friend or covenant team member.
2. Look for clues the other player may give that indicate where they need help. Some players make notes in their castle name. Some players use decor to highlight buildings. Some players cluster building conspicuously near the center of the screen or below their castle. Just pay attention.
3. Don't judge or get offended by the way others give help to you. It might not have been the best help, it might not have been the help you needed most. But it was still help.

And, if you are ever annoyed by the way people give you help, it's time to take a step back and remember what helping each other is all about.

Original post from 02-02-16
I just started making friends with other players so we can help each other out. After watching how others help me, I have come to the conclusion that I am unique in that I try to put some thought into how I can best help my friends. Just today, I had a dozen friends help me out; they saved me hours in my farm and fountain of time production, but ignored the units expiring in my shrine.

Since it seems that most everyone else simply clicks the first 5 hourglasses they see. I thought I would post my thoughts on how to best help friends, and of course solicit advice from others.

I suggest allocating your 5 helps help in the following order (as/where help is needed):
  1. Shrine. Expiring units cost thousands of $ to replace.
  2. Research Buildings:
    1. Castle (Citadel, Fort, Bastion, Fortress, Castle, or Palace)
    2. Mage Tower*
    3. Rune Tower
    4. Altar of Heroes
    5. Arsenal(s)
    6. Tower of Covenants
  3. Specialized Production:
    1. Dwarven Smithy
    2. Smithies
    3. Foundries
  4. Unit Production:
    1. Horseyard*
    2. Siegecraft Smithy
    3. Archery Range
    4. Barracks
  5. Primary Production:
    1. Mines
    2. Quaries
    3. Saw Mills
    4. Farms
  6. Fountain of Time (a.k.a., Waste of Time)
*Disclaimer: I actually do not have a Mage Tower or Horseyard yet. I'm simply guessing where those might fall in the list.

I am Silver League, on level 28, and have 3392 points in ranking.
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  • Indriķis SīpolsIndriķis Sīpols Moderator Indriķis SīpolsComments: 219 Moderator
    Hi Don Tallo,

    first of all, welcome to the forum :) It is very nice someone actually comes here and writes something: this is a precondition for reviving the forum, which, unfortunately, is pretty quiet..

    The described issue is well known to me. When I was your level I was having the same thoughts. Now that I am lvl60, I don't really care where my friends use their help points, I'm simply happy they spend them at all!

    But, when I was your level, I tried finding, so to say, smart friends who actually knew where to click in the first place (as I myself also clicked the most important buildings first). Also, what I can suggest you, is to put as your kingdom's name the sequence of buildings to be clicked: as you might have found out, many do it. And that actually works and will increase the chances of the right buildings being clicked :) (I hope you see what I mean?)

    And then there are others who just hide their buildings behind trees and decoration so that it is almost impossible to click on them :) (you have to really put in some effort to find the right place for clicking) :D And they leave accessible the buildings that they need clicked... Just another way...

    There are others who enclose the buildings needing to be clicked (most frequently enclosed by pumpkins)...


    P.S. If you're active and dedicated, you're welcome to join other such players by applying to Coldstream Alliance, namely to Coldstream Guards l ("l" as small letter "L"). I myself play in Horse Guards, which is a higher level covenant of the same Coldstream Alliance ;) Anyway, you can read more about the Alliance here!
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  • Don TalloDon Tallo Forum Dweller Don TalloComments: 11
    Thanks for the encouragement. You are correct. I should just appreciate all the help people give to me.
    I've been thinking about joining a covenant. Maybe I'll start another thread to discuss the pros and cons.
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  • Indriķis SīpolsIndriķis Sīpols Moderator Indriķis SīpolsComments: 219 Moderator
    What lvl are you? :) We would be glad if you considered Coldstream Alliance :) But, of course, it is up to you to join or not ;)

    You're also welcome to read the post where I talk about possible future improvements.
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