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Donno TalloDonno Tallo Forum DwellerDonno TalloComments: 1 ✭✭
Has anyone else noticed that some players' have decor that is visible in battle? I've seen it twice now. It's off the 36-by-36 field of play. I thought all decor is supposed to go away during battle even if it is not on the play field. It appears to be decor that was available before the upgrade. Once people realize this, we will see people setting up impenetrable barriers and creating unfair playing conditions. I'll add a screen shot to a comment if I ever see it again.
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  • Indriķis SīpolsIndriķis Sīpols Moderator Indriķis SīpolsComments: 219 Moderator
    Hello, Donno,

    Firstly, welcome to the forum: I hope to see you more often here.
    Secondly, thank you very much for your concerns.

    Previously, during battle, all decor was taken away from player's purchased area (I call this the inner territory). Now, after the last update, it is allowed to put decor even outside player's purchased lands (I call this outer territory). You also know that assault troops can be deployed around the inner territory, within the 3 tactical squares enclosing it. Thus, every decor that is put within those 3 tactical squares will also disappear. IF YOU HAPPEN TO SEE THAT DECOR DOES STAY IN THE INNER TERRITORY OR THE TACTICAL SQUARES, A SCREENSHOT IS MORE THAN WELCOME.

    Thus, every single decor will stay starting from every 4th square of the outer territory, and, indeed, this can be used to create an impenetrable barrier (enemy will not be able to retreat past this line and this can be used as a defensive advantage; that's what I have done at my castle). I told game developers about this issue when I realized it right after the update. They told they new about it and will try to do something about it within the next updates.

    Best Regards,
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  • Donno TalloDonno Tallo Forum Dweller Donno TalloComments: 1 ✭✭
    Thanks for the info Indrikis. I knew that troops remained visible in the outer territory during battle and I cam up with the tactic of encircling the inner area starting at the 4th square on my own. I get that. I just thought that decor went away. I guess I was mistaken.

    In my humble opinion, if decor stays, the then attacker should have the ability to destroy it. It is not reasonable that a bush is more durable than a castle. It might be a nice enhancement to give decor durability similar to whatever a tent/hut/house would be at the tenant's level and allow an attacker to clear it to make room for battle. I guess the same goes for reserve troops, but at their prescribed durability. Certainly, destroying reserves should not count in the PvP battle, but you should be able to destroy them and clear the field to make room for battle.
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  • Indriķis SīpolsIndriķis Sīpols Moderator Indriķis SīpolsComments: 219 Moderator
    Thank you indeed, I am forwarding you suggestion to the team right now. Let's hope this is rectified within the next updates!
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