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Don TalloDon Tallo Forum DwellerDon TalloComments: 11
The tournament aspect of the Grand Tournaments are well done. It'a a big improvement over the regular tournaments, which are frankly a waste of time and energy. Being able to fill 12 slots and using blended units definitely counters the effects of unbalanced opponents. Good job there. And, throwing in the two 3-star victories is OK. For me, it's kind of a presumption that I will manage four 3-stars in any given day. So kudos to the Playkot team on the first two points.

But there are two things that I really hate about the Grand Tournaments.

First, the "special mission" to watch the computer play the computer is mind-numbingly BORING. Making me sit and watch tectopaths beat up on each other 6 times per day is just stupid. I can see where watching the computer play the computer might give junior players a chance to observe the various units in action and learn strategy. But it is not that great of a primmer and it is a complete waste of time for anyone over level 20. More than anything, it just makes me angry when I see horrible tactical mistakes (like tectopaths wasting turns engaging other tectopaths while unchallenged pyropaths are burning them up from a distance).

And, making me guess who is going to win in order to get medals is nonsense. It is not predictable. I have seen times where the opponent with the obvious advantage in units loses because the computer makes a stupid tactical move (like sending archer-class units in ahead of infantry-class units, only to have them wiped out in the first couple turns). Other times, the player with the advantage in units gets stuck in a bottleneck and loses the advantage due to attrition. My point is, someone simply cannot look at the unit-composition of two opponents and predict the outcome when there are so many random things that will affect the outcome MORE SO than just the unit-to-unit comparisons.

My first complaint leads into my second complaint, the awarding of medals. In order to earn a gold champion cup. I need to be close to 100% perfect in all opportunities to earn medals. But, my ability to win a large percentage of the medals is based mostly upon chance. You should make the differentiator between winning a gold cup versus winning a silver cup something that I can control and that is based more upon my skills than behavior of the AI in the game.

Something tells me that it will be very rare for anyone to win a gold cup without paying crystals.


Thank you for the opportunity to vent my frustration.
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  • Don TalloDon Tallo Forum Dweller Don TalloComments: 11
    This morning:
    Round 1: Venators vs. Tectopaths. I chose the Venators because they are faster, hit harder, and have the ability to protect themselves from damage. The Tectopaths won convincingly.
    Round 2: Venators vs. Tectopaths. OK, obviously we go with the Tectopaths. The Venators won convincingly.
    Round 3: 7 Destroyers vs. 4 Venators and 3 Champions. Obviously the champions have an advantage, so using the reverse logic that seems to apply to these games, I go with the destroyers. They killed all 7 destroyers without losing a single man.
    0 medals from the special mission for me this morning. This is just stupid.
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  • Indriķis SīpolsIndriķis Sīpols Moderator Indriķis SīpolsComments: 219 Moderator

    I shared your whole post with the team. Hopefully, with the next event things will get better. This was the first time, you know :)
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