Totally mess with abilities

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Playcot, from Your update with new warriors is play one big mess :( Maybe is something wrong in script for multiplying effects (stack). From that time effects look like coming randomly...
I saw Paladins have NEW TURN inmediatelly after one attack (but not displayed in icons bellow) - like from Galahan, but individually; I cannot imagine what it is, but pack of Paladins did 5 rounds on my 2, I only looked my whole army died. And was not of high INI from Paladins. Did Pals slowered by Tempest to 80 INI, too.
Just now I am in battle, all nonsence. I interrupted it to write this. My army: heroes, tempests, phoboses. Enemy: 2 Ancient Frosties, tempests, landslides and Plague Doc. So... my Phobos falls under control (from WHICH warrior???). Doc was killed as one of the first... maybe 20 rounds later Frosty shoot on me icicles, did damage, bud INSTEAD of reducing attack power it did POISON my warriors (as Doc ability). Well... :(

And that old, very old bug with Paladins ignoring stun effect last. I saw Paladin stun, first round miss, but second attacks as normally... and has protection against stun... as normal.
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