New productions: Furniture Factory and Tailor's workshop (5/22/17)

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New productions are in the game!

Here are new buildings in shop: Furniture Factory and Tailor's workshop!
Hurry to build them: they will be required in the next quest coming this week ;)

Quest steps and important changes are below.
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    Requirements: available in the Shop from level 18.

    Furniture Factory I
    Collect 6 Smoothies (Convenience Store)
    Collect 4 Packs of tissues (Family House, Hostel)
    Collect 5 Ring cakes (Bakery)

    Furniture Factory II
    Collect 10 Drills (Cozy House)
    Collect 5 Towels (Subway Station)
    Produce 4 lots of Windows (Construction Factory)

    Furniture Factory III
    Collect 4 Pencils (Stationery Shop)
    Collect 5 Planks (Cargo Port)
    Collect 7 Tubes of glue (Shoe Shop)


    Requirements: available in the Shop from level 19.

    Tailor’s workshop I
    Collect 5 Water bottles (Wok cafe)
    Collect 12 Spring rolls (Bistro)
    Collect 6 Umbrellas (Subway Station)

    Tailor’s workshop II
    Collect 9 Stepladders (Convenience Store)
    Collect 11 Green paints (Flower Kiosk)
    Collect 8 Croissants (Bakery)

    Tailor’s workshop III
    Produce 3 lots of Linen (Textile Factory)
    Collect 8 Peacock feathers (Stationery Shop)
    Collect 5 Satin flowers (Premium Cottage)

    Tailor’s workshop IV
    Collect 2 Leather sofas (Furniture Factory)
    Collect 4 Sewing machines (Textile Factory – Denim)
    Collect 3 Mannequins (ask friends)Important!

    Besides new items, some items used to be collected from buildings are crafted in the Furniture Factory or Tailor's workshop now:

    - Furniture Factory: Leather sofa, Wicker chair, Coffee table.
    - Tailor's workshop: T-shirt, Dress, Bow tie.

    All the quest steps where these items are required will be edited in the near future.

    • If you have any quest tasks with these items in the moment of update, required number will be cut in half by 2 on average :)
    • If you have any Bingo tasks with these items in the moment of update, these tasks will be finished automatically :)
    • Some Cargo Port productions have become easier to craft :)
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