SuperCity Mobile, v. 1.18.0 (May 20, 2018)

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📢 Mayors, your attention, please: it’s update time! 📢 

Come on down for our City Hall meeting to learn what is new! 🏤 Call to order! Hands up if you are ready for some action! ✋✋✋ 

🔥 First thing on the Agenda - some of the new features you will see in your SuperCity:

  • Option to hide walls in the Edit Mode 🙈
  • SuperCity News window to get all the latest news and pleasant bonuses 💸
  • A button to go directly to the Forum 💬

🎁 The second thing on the Agenda - new items that are now available for purchase in the Shop to create a summertime atmosphere in your city:

  • Sports Shop ⚽
  • Beach House 🏡
  • many beach decorations 🌴 (some of them will also be available for reward in an upcoming event 🎉)

🎱 And, last, but not least, the improvements you asked for SuperBINGO Events. You got it!

  • Skip button for unwanted tasks! ✅
  • You can keep the keys you earn and use them in future Events! 🔑🔑🔑


🚨 If the SuperBINGO icon disappears from your game, just visit one of your neighbours and get back to your city! This issue will be fixed soon. 🚨


🔥🔥🔥 Have even more fun! Have a look at all our services:
👉 👈

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