🎪 Mexican Pyramid (September 12, 2018)

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Mayors, please welcome the 💗 Mexican Pyramid 💗 to Supercity! With the Fashion Show 👗 in town and the Photostudio 📷 setting up shop we thought we need a great place 😎 to go for a photo shoot 🎬 This building will even provide a camera for you 📷 📷 📷

🎁 Gives (every 8 hours):
  • 1300 💰 and 2-4 ⚡
  • 1 Camera 📷 until September 24th, 13:30 UTC
*These cameras will be counted at the Fashion Show quest, but won't be counted at the Fashion Show Leaderboards.

😍😍😍 UPDATE: regarding the camera 📷 count.
The developers have heard the players and as a result, all of the cameras that you have collected from the Mexican pyramid will count in the Leaderboards. The developers are working on doing a count correction and it will be implemented before the end of the quest. Enjoy your game 💖

📌 Required level: 8.

⌛ Once appeared the offer lasts 4 days (appears until September 18th, 16:00 UTC)


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👉 https://forums.playkot.com/en/discussion/134211/need-help 👈
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