SuperBINGO: How It Works

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Take part in all-prize “SuperBINGO” lottery, Mayors!
No timers and any other time limits: take your time and complete the tasks at your own pace :)

What is Bingo itself?

In case you don’t know, Bingo is a kind of lottery, in which a player matches numbers on a card with the number balls the game host draws at random. When a player finds the selected numbers are arranged on their card in a row, column or diagonal, they call out "Bingo!" to alert all participants and win a prize.

How it works in “SuperCity”:

To get a number ball you need to complete a task.
Just as in real bingo, tasks are generated randomly, but along with that, their difficulty depends on your level.

A letter left of the task shows from what column you’ll get the ball after completing the task: B, I, N, G or O.
As always, you can do all the tasks at the same time.

The number balls you collected are marked on the card with a purple spot.
A star in the center is already marked, btw ;)

How to get a reward:

Right after you make up a row, column or diagonal, you get a chest with a prize set. Usually a set contains resources (energy, goods, experience points) + other prizes. Full list of possible prizes is always visible (click the “?” icon below the chest).

Extra information:
  • after a task is completed, the next one comes in 5 minutes (you can skip the waiting time for superbucks);
  • after a reward for bingo is received, the next bingo card comes in 8 hours (you also can skip the waiting time for superbucks).
  • SuperBINGO is a permanent feature :)
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  • Gostaria de saber porque fazemos grande esforço para terminar o BINGO e os presentes são muito inferiores ao esforço,meu caso já ganhei   monte de abobora por (3) vezes sendo que prêmios  listados são mais úteis para o jogo.....estou jogando o último bingo dependendo dos prêmios eu não abro mais para não perder tempo.....obg e um grande abraço   .Renato
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