Honeymoon hotel 2018 (2/7/18)

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Honeymoon hotel is back with extra prizes!

Valentine's Day is coming very soon: take another opportunity to get the Honeymoon hotel, Mayors!
This time you'll receive extra prizes on your way to the main reward: check the forum link to know more!

Btw, the number of required items in some tasks has been decreased ;)
As usual, if you already have the Honeymoon hotel, you'll get the alternative reward.

Play now: https://apps.facebook.com/super_city_game

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    Requirements: level 15.
    No timers! You have 13 days to finish the quest.
    This offer is available to get till February, 14 9:00 UTC (4:00 EST)
    How to get the main prize?

    The main prize is Honeymoon hotel or alternative set of gifts (for players who already got the hotel). You need to collect 350 engagement rings to get the main prize.

    As you collect rings, you will receive extra rewards on your way to the main prize:

    • 10 rings: 250 goods, 10000 coins, 3 Cupcakes (1 Cupcake is equal to 10 energy);
    • 40 rings: Rose in glass case, Table for two, 50000 coins, 5 Cupcakes;
    • 90 rings: 25 glass baubles, 7 Cupcakes;
    • 200 rings: Jewelry shop, 10 Cupcakes;
    • 350 rings:
      - Honeymoon hotel (1800 coins, 1 experience point, 4-5 glass baubles every 18 hours; can be placed everywhere; requires 8x8 squares)
      - alternative prize: 35 glass baubles, Modern house, Hammock for two, 15 superbucks.

    You can get rings completing tasks in the offer window.

    All the tasks have a value. The number of rings you get after completing a task depends on this value. You can get 2, 4 or 8 rings for a task (see offer window).
    As contrasted to previous random-quested events, tasks have a different value, AND it depends on your progress (for example, in the beginning you may have tasks for 2, 2 and 4 rings, and 4, 4 and 8 rings in the end). The more rings you need to collect, the more you can earn :)

    You can do 3 tasks at the same time.

    Important! Tasks are generated randomly, but its difficulty depends on the player's level. This means that the least valuable tasks for high-levels might be harder than the most valuable tasks for beginners.
    Btw, tasks might differ even on a same level: there are really lots of them.

    As usual, you can finish a task with superbucks. There is only one difference: the cost of finishing depends on the number of collected items: the less items are left to collect, the less cost for finishing is.
    Important! All the collected items will be written off after you finish a task with superbucks.

    There is a 2-hour cooldown before the next task appears.
    If you don't wanna wait, you can skip the cooldown with superbucks.

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