The matching up of teams

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When we match up for battle the addmin needs to find a better way to do this our last 3 out of 5 battles we have been blown out of the water  the ship is the same but the teams are stacked all high 60  up to 70 my team was out ranked on average by 20 levels how does that make the battles fair we will loose players  because the game will not be fun anymore  i have sent emails to the addmin  but have gotten no replies back it's hard to be a leader and hold a strong building team together when almost every battle you see you know you have already lost if it's a fair fight bring it on but when you know your going to get killed my guys are like why waste all of our stuff they need to fix this problem  .
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  • Juli KirklandJuli Kirkland Juli KirklandComments: 45 Moderator
    kelly .. yes aware of the problem and so far still looking for a solution to prevent this from happening to lower level battleships , there is a feed in this discussion board titled dear kate :) please read through some of the suggestions on this and give your own feedback ... I know that the developers of the game are always wrking hard to balance the game and make it enjoyable for all 
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