Do you not give " Regeant in your test rescource crates ?

5 Comments·Started 03 January 2019 09:01 AM
I have bought 3 of your test material crates @ $50.00 us each and only got 4 bottles of reagent. Not really what I call a balanced and fair . I regret to say it was a total ripoff. At least be less obvious but 3 times in a row is too many for me.
Please take another look at your formula for material distribution. Or is it just a chance we take?

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  • Thank you That answered my question very well. So what does a person have to do to get the cards to upgrade the classes of the new lab defenses and new artillery . That is not clear in any of your tutorials
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  • Juli KirklandJuli Kirkland Juli KirklandComments: 45 Moderator
    component crates do go on special sale , however you have the chance to win these as a team by playing volcano . saving your patches is another way to trade Pablo for components you need for upgrading your new lab . Please note there is a difference between material crates ( these are the new gears needed to make things work ) and a component crate which will allow you to upgrade the new technology . Only component cards can carry these upgrades needed . 
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