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I need to ask but does the amount of stars 1 person collects during strike battle have anything to do with what you collect out of a crate?
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  • I am not a moderator, but I am pretty sure the stars do not matter. So long as you make an attack, even if you get 0 stars, you will get a crate when your team wins. The crate contents are randomized based on the quality of the crate. 

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  • the crates do not changed  based upon stars but the amount of resources (oil, gold, wood, metal, uranium) you get increases with more stars
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  • I ave a Question.. When the battle is over.. Your own stars on the Boat disappear ... How do you know which weapons have the Stars to place them in the Back so its harder to get to them? Thank you
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  • Juli KirklandJuli Kirkland Juli KirklandComments: 45 Moderator
    many seasoned teams will take a screen shot of placement of weapons and starred weapons at the beginning of battle , however you can still tale a screenshot after battle by going into the replays and taking a screenshot of the first attack you opponent makes on your ship , stars are determined by the highest level of each 2 guns you have. This makes this a loaded question in where placement should be ,as your first 3 lines should be strong to hold the opponents attacking you back making it harder to get to the hq as they have only so much energy to freeze . Range of your attackers have to come into play as well as clumping your most destructive guns together . the harder you make it for your opponent to find a hole in which they can freeze several defense weapons together ie: nitros, plasmas,  acids , the easier it is for them to reach your hq. If for instance you have every point weapon in the back by the hq the smaller the grid becomes making it easier to freeze many weapons together which creates more vulnerability to your ship being sunk faster . The best practice on battleships is range , even if you have a few points in the front lines this will hold you together a bit better in the end 
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