How to Fit Naps and Snacking Around your Tropic Storm Playing Schedule

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Hi Everyone,

As a new Moderator, I wanted to make my first contribution to the game on a topic near and dear to my heart. Yes, taking Naps and Snacking.

Taking Naps:

Now the nap is the world's way of giving us a break from our daily chores. What a wonderful break it is too! I have been able to master what I refer to as "the Power Nap". This nap is a short one. It lasts anywhere from 10 to 20 minutes, but no longer than 20 or you will find yourself unable to really wake up for the rest of the day. I have found that if you nap longer than the prescribed 20 minutes, about all you will accomplish for the rest of the day is another nap or two. If, however, you are able to master this nap format, you will awaken after 10-20 minutes totally refreshed and ready to jump onto Tropic Storm and kill all the players and cartel islands on your map. I highly recommend that all of you try to develop the ability to do these power naps. They even help in real life too!

As for Snacking:

Well, I think that we all love the idea of a snack! Snacks are the equivalent of a Kevlar Test Crate showing up on your Island, but for your Belly instead of your base! Snacks come in many different categories, sweet, salty, with frosting or plain, even in the form of fresh fruit for those of you eating healthy. I myself am a lover of a salty snack, but I can be swayed over to the sweet snack with a good donut or three. I am also very partial to Cookies! What kind of cookies? It really doesn't matter too much, as long as they are soft and chewy. You can have all the crunchy ones!

So, in conclusion to this, my first post as a moderator here, I wanted to say I will be available to help as best I can. I am not a highly schooled fella, but I do listen and will really try to help you. If I cannot answer your question, I do know where to direct you and I will do so. Please be patient with me trying to use the game's translator. We all understand that it is not a perfect tool, but it is the tool we have to work with.

thanks and see you on the Game, Paul

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  • Jorn CoenraadsJorn Coenraads Jorn CoenraadsComments: 58 Moderator
    Awesome post, i just have 2 questions....1. at the napping part your talking about a real we have a real life? and 2. can we blame juli for it?
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  • Paul FonderPaul Fonder Paul FonderComments: 11 Moderator
    well Jorn, as far as the real life part...…..this is something that I vaguely remember. I think I last had that about three years ago before I started this game! And for Juli……..well, we all know the answer to That!
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  • A large desk to hold the snacks, and a nice comfy chair for the naps, leave your volume on for notification and enjoy lol
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  • Bruce FicBruce Fic Bruce FicComments: 1
    edited April 2019
    Well said Paul.  As the king of the naps and snacks, I believe hit the nail on the head.  You have taught us very well, that is seams that a lot of us are on the game 24/7.  As for real life, people have to get there priorities straight.  The game comes first, sorry if you are married have children or work.  You have to put all that on hold.  Off to nape, dinner will be done when I get up. Almost forgot, everything that goes wrong I blame Juli. 
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  • Naps and Snacks sounds like a real good idea to me. I just forget to get up after 20 minuits.
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