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Diana CraciunDiana Craciun Diana CraciunComments: 236 Community Manager
⛲The Easter celebrations are not yet over, Mayors! This set of chests comes with the gorgeous Fountain de la Ciutadella, superbucks, daffodils and help for the Easter farm event! 🥚
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  • Diana CraciunDiana Craciun Diana CraciunComments: 236 Community Manager

    New Chests: Fountain de la Ciutadella!

    Requirements: the chests will be received by players level 15 +

    Main reward is the Fountain de la Ciutadella (4,500 coins, 3-4 energy, 2-5 daffodils every 24 hours, size 8*6, can be placed in the City center, Sands, Highland, Bay).

    Each chest can be opened for 7 Easter keys.

    There are 3 ways to get Keys:

    1. Complete the quests:

    No timers! You can get keys during the chest offer only.

    Reward: 2 keys + 2 keys + 2 keys +2 keys

    More Celebrations I

    Collect 10 Paint rollers (Petrol Station, Upgraded Petrol Station)

    Collect 11 Chainsaws (Ranch, Upgraded Ranch)

    Collect 5 Cushions (Wooden house)

    More Celebrations II

    Collect 32 Packs of tissues (Hostel, Family House, Upgraded Hostel)

    Collect 29 Paper tapes (Bakery, Upgraded Bakery)

    Collect 12 Sprigs of Rosemary (Greengrocer’s shop)

    More Celebrations III

    Collect 27 Bags of Flour. You can get from 1 to 3 items each time (Bistro, Upgraded Bistro)

    Collect 13 Vanilla sticks (Pub, Upgraded Pub)

    Collect 7 Honey pots (Candy Factory - Cherry cupcake)

    More Celebrations IV

    Collect 7 Wicker chairs (Furniture Factory)

    Collect 19 Screw nuts (Subway Station, Upgraded Subway Station, Central Station)

    Collect 5 Chisels (Auto repair shop)

    More Celebrations V

    Collect 11 Aprons (Coffee House, Upgraded Coffee House)

    Collect 12 Strawberry cocktails (Pub, Upgraded pub)

    Collect 6 Slides (Cinema)

    2. Collect profits from the following buildings:

    • “Amsterdam” Hotel- 2-4 keys every 20 hours

    • Maritime College- 2-4 keys every 24 hours

    • Royal Observatory - 2-5 keys every 16 hours

    • Laxminarayan Temple - 2-3 keys every 24 hours

    • Grand Hotel “Chateau Frontenac” - 2-4 keys every 24 hours

    • Easter farm- 2-4 keys every 24 hours

    • “Corus” Hotel - 2-4 keys every 18 hours

    • Bridge - 1 key every 24 hours

    3. Use the sale offer:

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  • Tammy CiscoTammy Cisco Forum Dweller Tammy CiscoComments: 12
    Thanks Diana
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    Awesome, ty :-)
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  • alicat321alicat321 alicat321Comments: 2
    edited April 2019
    O.K. I know this is probably a dumb question, but how do I get the Corus?
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  • ForumSupportForumSupport Forum Dweller ForumSupportComments: 1331 Super Moderator
    alicat321 said:
    O.K. I know this is probably a dumb question, but how do I get the Corus?
    It is a real cash offer that is on your screen when the post was posted, the sale offer lasts 12 hours. 

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