Pairing up of teams for Battle.

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Dear sirs: Our team has been tracking carefully the assignment of points and what levels of teams we are paired with. The only unfair play we have seen is from your company. Consistently we are paired with teams 3 or 4 levels higher than ours which makes even a tie impossible. Second is that the way you assign the point values on the weapons is very one sided as in every battle our team has been in all the big points are assigned to our front line as every enemy you have assigned us has theirs all put in the very back of there lines. We understand the system is not perfect but it has gotten to the point where some of the team feel like quitting this game all together. 
I have spent several hundred dollars or more on this game because it is fun or I should say WAS. But now I will not spend anymore money on a game that is so one sided about matching up teams and not fixing the issue in a timely manner. This has been going on for the last 8 months. And if it is not addressed soon I feel that my money will be better spent on a game that is actually fair to both sides . Sincerely Ronald James McVay ID:  105933263541963
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  • The big points are at the front because you put your bigger weapons at the front. You have to put Reactors and lower turrets at the front. Try it out in the next event. 

    As for battling against higher clans, we all do if you're in a competitive clan, because the smaller clans often lacks players or lose too often so they have ratings less than 1000.

    Hope it helps.
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  • @Duc Hy Nguyen my team has done that and we are getting decimated by teams way larger than us. We are getting tired of 3-4 losses back to back cause we get put in over matched battles. Also with only 3 day spans its hard to update our equipment.
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