SANDS PART 3! New Adventures! (part 1)

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The 3rd stage of our Sands adventures is comprised, in a similar manner to the previous 2 stages, from promotion and 2 chain quests.

The promotion is called the “Glassblower shop”, you have 28 days to complete this challenge and the prizes for it are the Egyptian Port, which is a cover for the Cargo port in the City center, 4 packs of 45 energy and 30 superbucks.

The first requirement for it is upgrading the Trader’s Tent to level 3. After you upgrade the tent, the “Search for Helpers” chain quest ( 7 stages, all yellow-timed) will pop up, this is a chain quest for the Apprentice Workbench, a new small map object that you can find next to the Glassblower’s stall:

Search for Helpers I (24h)

Collect 5 Cushions (Wooden House)

Collect 2 Sleep Masks (Bus Station)

Collect 14 Strawberry Cocktails (Pub, Upgraded Pub)

Search for Helpers II (24h)

Collect 37 Towels (Recreational Cottage, Upgraded Recreational cottage)

Collect 42 Throw Blankets (Colonial House, Upgraded Colonial House)

Collect 16 Cups of tea (Coffee House, Upgraded Coffee House)

Search for Helpers III (24h)

Collect 3 Strong ropes (Kindergarten)

Collect 18 Shovels (from friends’ cities - buildings with a clock or coin)

Collect 29 Aqualungs (Shoe Shop, Upgraded Shoe Shop)

Search for Helpers IV (24h)

Collect 8 Coffee Tables (Furniture Factory)

Collect 9 Tool kits (Shopping Center)

Collect 7 Chairs (Family restaurant)

Search for Helpers V (24h)

Collect 15 Chainsaws (Ranch, Upgraded Ranch)

Collect 7 Scooters (Pizza House)

Ask friends for 12 Propellers

Search for Helpers VI (24h)

Collect 47 Welcome mats (Shoe Shop, Upgraded Shoe Shop)

Produce 16 lots of Silk (Textile Factory, Upgraded Textile Factory)

Collect 9 Reinforcements (Cargo Port)

Search for Helpers VII (24h)

Collect 43 Pens (Stationery Shop, Upgraded Stationery Shop)

Collect 2 Folding notepads (Press center)

Ask friends for 15 Ancient books

After completing the chain quest for The Apprentice’s workshop you will be able to produce there jewelry casings and gold ingots.

The set of parts for them can be obtained by completing regular tasks in the Trader’s Tent.

You can also upgrade the Apprentice’s workbench and add more places:

The other new map object that you have available now is the Glassblower’s stall. To unlock the chain quest for the Glassblower’s stall it is necessary to upgrade the Jeweller’s stall to level 2:

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