Rankings? How they are computed?

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Good day. I haven't played this game long enough but have found this game to be fun and challenging.
I just want to voice out a question and at the same time, a suggestion to the people managing this great game.
I have found it strange that the players don't really know how much ranking they would lose/gain per attack.
The other parameters such as gold, wood, stone, iron, loot, and experience would be shown but their corresponding rank to be gained/lost would not be shown.
Based on what little experience I have in attacking/PvP in this game, I think that if you attack someone below your ranking, you would receive less rank and vice-versa.
But somehow when I attacked someone, thinking that he was ranked higher than me (due to the fact that he has more powerful unit upgrades and a higher level than I have),
and have lost, I somehow lost 68 ranking which is 7-8 times what I gain per successful 3 star attack on any person (I only gain 8-12 ranking per 3 star).
This somehow got me confused and frustrated and would like to suggest that since we are not able to choose the person we are attacking, at least show us how much ranking we would
lose/gain if we attack a person and the rank of the person you would be attacking. This would help players to weigh the risks involved to attack a certain castle.
Also, I would also want to know, and maybe others as well, how a player gets chosen on a PvP attack (By random? Based on rank? Based on level?)
And the formula on how the system gives/takes ranking points on a player?
Because I am getting the feeling that you get less ranking points or only a part of the ranking points you have stripped off a castle/attacker you have defeated.

Thank You
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  • MartyMarty Forum Speaker MartyComments: 37 ✭✭✭
    I too would like to know what the gains and losses would be. It is very frustrating to get attacked and lose 36 points when the most I ever gain from a fight is 6 to 8 points. That means that one loss to a person is equal to 4 to 6 wins minimum. That's insane since it only takes one attack to knock you down to where you started for a day. The AI is alright, but it is still just AI and that means that you can work it over to beat someone of a little higher level than you without a lot of troubles. Higher levels than that can be done as well, but you might take a loss or two, depending on how you do it. Regardless, the gains from beating someone at a higher level than you are generally not worth the trouble as I still only get 6 to 8 points per win. You are taking a risk of a counterattack from the people that are higher levels than you. I won 6 to 8 points from a tougher opponent and when they counterattack, I lost 35 or 36 or something. That hurts...frustrating.
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  • Torben NielsenTorben Nielsen Forum Expert Torben NielsenComments: 88 ✭✭✭✭
    There have been a few threads about the pvp reward system. As far as i can tell from the replies, we should not expect it to be changed.

    What influence how much ranking points we get is somehow determined by how high up we are and how much research you have done. It seems the opponent dont have any influence of the reward. At one point i was only able to get 2-3 points for a 3 star win, which slowly changed as i got more built/researched.

    About the targets to choose, then i advice you to be very careful of who you pick. If you fail the attack you will get minus ranking points and the attacked can come back with a vengeance.
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  • MartyMarty Forum Speaker MartyComments: 37 ✭✭✭
    I don't think it is going to be changing much either Torben. Although, some of the random assault choices have been improved upon so we can keep our fingers crossed.

    I also get frustrated when I fight in the tourney. I never get more than 1 point for a win in the tourney. I lose in the tourney and I lose 6, 7 or 8 points. Every day, I work myself up to 5 wins in the tourney and then stop. I can sometimes win and go up to 6 wins, but not always. When I lose in the tourney, it is not because I am fighting guardsmen or swordsman that are highly trained and simply better than my 4 troops. Nope. I lose in the fight for the 6th or 7th win for one reason and one reason only. The 'random' match ups always put me up against someone with an orc or two. Or I find my 4 guardsmen facing a scarecrow and 2 of the dwarf guys that go with it. The only reason I lose those fights is because it makes me fight against blue crystal special units. Sometimes, I am lucky and it is just a dark elf (gold dragoon unit). Then it depends on what he is teamed up with and if I win.

    I stopped trying to get past 5 though. It is pretty much a guaranteed loss and when you lose 6 to 8 points compared to the 1 point I can gain....it is simply not worth it.
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  • Narumi,

    Your ranking reflects the development level of your realm, it's based on the number of upgrades you research you perform in your castle. The more advanced your troops and buildings are, the more your max ranking can be. If you're almost at your top, you won't receive much for assaults and in tourneys. If you get less ranking than usual, the best way to gain some space for more ranking would be to complete some upgrades or research in your castle to raise your max level.
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  • Damon WilsonDamon Wilson Forum Expert Damon WilsonComments: 32 ✭✭✭✭
    The ranking is 💩. I have assaulted players with stables and templars and being only lv18 I got all the upgrades at the castle I can. But still get crappy points even with a three star victory but a player can assault me get one star and I lose more points than I get in an entire day so I say don't worry about your ranking just play because the game is severely slated to spend money for crystals if you don't want to pay you have to be patient and diligent.
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  • Damon,

    Would you prefer to get thousands of ranking for each battle and lose 1-2 points? Then soon your ranking would boost up to the sky and no competition would be available. I don't even mention that it would raise the threshold for each League to astronomous numbers, which no new players would expect to beat. BTW, if you lose significant amount of ranking, you will actually receive a lot for victories, because the system is inclined to keep you at your top. Thus, if you get little and lose more, you're at your max ranking points amount - complete a research or an upgrade to raise the plank and get some space for more points. The ranking system currently applied works perfectly, it will not be changed - at least in the nearest future.
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  • Damon WilsonDamon Wilson Forum Expert Damon WilsonComments: 32 ✭✭✭✭
    No Bask I would not like thousands but when your attacked and loss 40-50 points to a player you revenge and find out he has knights and templars or you revenge and find out he has nothing but 1st tier troops. You wipe out the low level guy in a blink and get nothing but 4-5 points or you get a one to two star victory from the higher guy and get the same you may have to play all day just to get the points back from one defeat or attack how is that fair. I know the player does not get the points so why keep beating us down all the upgrades and research does not help so I try to just play I stoped caring about rank and just play but others are concerned I tell them like life the game is slanted so just deal with it.
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  • Damon,

    The ranking isn't about your adversary's level, it's absolutely and totally about YOU as a player. So it doesn't quite matter whether you smashed a noob or a pro, the ranking is calculating basing on your parameters.
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  • Sasho KojuharovSasho Kojuharov Forum Speaker Sasho KojuharovComments: 34 ✭✭✭
    so if lets say that everyone in the game attacks 8 times per day. On average every player will be attacked 8 times. Let's say 6 times the defense lost and 2 times it won. As far as I've seen, the one that wins gets less points than the points that the other one looses. So I can't seem to figure out how do people get their points from? The tourney alone won't be enough to sustain the loses.
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  • Roland MacLeodRoland MacLeod Forum Speaker Roland MacLeodComments: 28 ✭✭✭
    OK then i show now again nice game feature.
    Today i make 6 attacks and win 6x8-9 +/-. I wait for time and able next atack because need lumber. I lose because wont lose Ent unit that is realy hard to have it but is only my one like boss or super unit. Then i lose -93 points i drop from around 258 position to around 327 position. And receive another player that is not much weaker than before but is easier. I won and receive only 13 points.
    I am 17 lvl and half, have my units Archert on 52%, Guardsman 48%, Swordmaster at 22%, My hero is 10 lvl 60 atack and soon 280 life. I try doo upgrades as i can, i already buyed all land around.
    But ranking system is realy weird.

    And i still say that who start play game soner and play dayli and it is in top then it is easy stay on top.
    When i cannot chosse who i can attack and not se how many reputation can receive then this system is unfair against weaker players.

    Why you do not look for many other ranking games and how they rank work?

    And sorry saying that when somoe say it is bug and your answer is alibistic it is game feature, realy warm me. I am not average player and you cannot drunk me by croissant.
    I´m think that i now do another way then we see.
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  • Narumi FujishimaNarumi Fujishima Forum Dweller Narumi FujishimaComments: 9 ✭✭
    baskakova wrote: »

    Your ranking reflects the development level of your realm, it's based on the number of upgrades you research you perform in your castle. The more advanced your troops and buildings are, the more your max ranking can be. If you're almost at your top, you won't receive much for assaults and in tourneys. If you get less ranking than usual, the best way to gain some space for more ranking would be to complete some upgrades or research in your castle to raise your max level.

    Then it would be almost the same as the level right? It's still a bit difficult to understand, and I dont think the game shows how much rank you gain from upgrading (would someone confirm for me? I'm a long ways in leveling where i can upgrade something in my castle and at the same time been trying to upgrade a unit but i still haven't enough materials). if that's the case, then i wonder why i lost 68 ranking that time. the person i attacked that time was without a doubt ranked higher than i was, i would understand something like 10-20 ranks subtracted, since i was the attacker, but 68 was overkill. that said, i want to confirm that the rank points you gained/lost is equal to the rank points your opponent lost/gained right? and if that is the case in both assault and tourney?

    I would also like to thank the staff, at least they are showing more complete variables on the soldiers deployed in the castle (such as the initiative). it's a big help, to judge whether its worth attacking a castle or not.
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  • Luciano SantosLuciano Santos Forum Dweller Luciano SantosComments: 7 ✭✭
    There are several topics about rank, as we can see at below list:


    why the developers could not think about change this system??? UNFAIR is the bigger problem. We want a balanced game... if we were attacked and lose 40 points, in revenge we want our 40 points back... otherwise can not be called revenge... if we lose 40 points in "defense" we claim 20 - 40 points in attack...
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