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I got a few idea for buildings:
1) Building called engineering:
In this building is where you can improve your existing buildings such as increase life or other stats just like you can your troops. Here it would be 3 tab thing like the aresnel but for buildings: production/defense/master buildings.
Here are a couple ideas I thought up if you do like this idea.
Increase Health by +5/10/15/20 and the final one would be increase the amount of people they provide by +1
Farm/lumber mill/quarry/mine:
Increase health by +5/10/15/20
Increases amount produced by +10/25/50 or Time to produce stuff (foundry) (maybe %)
and the final one would be
(Farm)When destroyed an mud pit is life for 2 turns slowing down movement of enemy troops (this one I am not to sure of but sounds good instead of destroying a building and
thinking what ever it actually would make people think of how to destroy them
(Quarry) Reduces the damage caused by melee personal for 2 turns by 10 (swords on stone duals the blade is my line of thought)
(Iron mine) Causes enemy troops in up to 2 blocks away to lose a turn (mine falling in and all)
(Timber hut) enemy troops in 1 block away from the timber hut will take 10, 20 or maybe 30 damage (rolling lumber)
(Foundry) Enemy troops in a 3 block radius from the foundry have their flag thing (brain fart on what it called) by 20 for 2 turns (hot ash and all)
Stockade and stonewalls
Increase life of them by +10/20/30/40/50
Final: increase the amount you can have of each by +5
Increase life by +5/10/15/20/25/30/35/40/50
Increases damage +5/10/15/20/25
Final one increase the rate they attack by 15
Just a few thoughts I hope you all enjoy them and maybe some get implamented if they not too difficult. I do not know what the resource cost would be but think this be some good idea make you wonder what buildings to go after when attacking instead of just worrying about troops and towers
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