Completely unbalanced rankings in battle

1 Comments·Started 21 October 2014 12:23 AM
Robert AllenRobert Allen Freshly on the boardRobert AllenComments: 0
How is it possible to get 5 points for winning and -25 for losing or 20 points for capturing a castle and losing 125 when you get captured, it makes no sense what so ever to ever play with things so out of whack
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  • Ann Wilson-RawiAnn Wilson-Rawi Freshly on the board Ann Wilson-RawiComments: 2
    Winner takes all I guess. Its hard to bear when you lose 100 points in one failure of defence, but it happens to us all, including people we manage to beat in attacks.

    One thing i try to think about is.. if i attack this fort, will its owner attack me back - and win? I try to mostly attack people who i think possibly wont attack me back. Doesn't always work but imo its worth a try.
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